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Wednesday, May 2

Soon, I be getting my Dopod D810 from my friend whom I knew from RT. He work in handphone shop and able to get wonderful price for me! I got to thanks him for that. Of course it is local set and come with warranty, and all I need is to wait for the stock to come first. I bought for myself, my baby girl, bro in law, jackson and leonard. Good deals! Why not. I be moving to another era for the handphone! lol

I know there will be lots of prob if there's any, just that I got to live with it. What is perfect in this world thou. This is how the industry goes, and thats how they earn even thou the repairing only cost $50 or so. Adding up to thousand set give you more then enough to cover! Hehe

I just paid up my Credit Card up to $3000! I wouldn't say I over spent as these are what I got to pay for. Just that I left with $200 for this mth and need to save up a little. I never regret on my spending because I felt that everything is worth it. Even thou my girl had paid full cash for some woman treatment, at least need not to headache for every mth installment. haha.. at least she cleared one shot thou. Yes, I did paid for her and in return she treat me food for the month and that come with my Dopod D810 too. Haha.. :p Clever wor! hehe..

Another thing which I would like to tell myself that never try to pin too much high hopes! Because when you are too over confident, you tend to fall down and get yourself injured even harder. Nothing came bad to me but just need to tell myself these always. Not that I been negative but sometimes we do have to look at the clear line and never be too arrogant. Yes, client want cheaper deals blah blah blah, but this is for sure that always happen around. No one in this world want expensive, cheaper the better. LOL. Im easy, Im cool,I wouldnt have any anger on them. For now, I got to do more research for some photos like Interior, Product, Corporate, Models etc... There are plenty but it is never wise to do in the office lest for some nude photo shown on my monitor. LOL I shall check it tonight.

Later is my 2nd last IPPT at Maju Camp and I left 2 more weeks to go thru, a total of 6 more lesson. Come to think about it. 1 RT training for 2 Phases will end up 2mth, and I still got 6 more years to go thru for my ICT and RT. That will give me 6yrs servicing as an NSman and 1 RT session (2 phases) for 1 yr each. 6 yrs of NSman servicing x 2mth of RT = a total of 1 year RT training! LOL

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