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Friday, May 18

RT is over and great. We had our filled after the RT IPPT and yes we finished around 7pm which is even earlier than we expected. I remembered the very first time we started our station test at 7pm which dragged until 10pm! That's really sickening thou!

All of us did well but of course FAILED! Funniest was everyone wanted to meet up for next year RT! That include some others who were not in our group! I bet this group of RT personnel were the worst among all. Don't wish to put in effort, want to hide and don't even want to run at all. Heh. I shall meet them next year for RT.

And yes, next Thursday I be collecting my Dopod D810 *anxiously* I was sick these few days due to some sort of stress but thanks to my darling I'm able to stand up straight again and face the $ problem. Hope everything turns out fine thou.

My baby girl is having her TP session now and hope she pass with flying color but I do feel nervous for her right now. What I can do is to wait for the news around 12.30pm. This morning my mom and me woke up at 6am and make our way out to Waterloo St and pray. Later, we went to the blk opposite the temple which is located at the 2nd floor, right at the end of the corridor. I was told by my mom that they did some chanting and of course, you receive good luck depending on situation too. My mom was introduced by my aunt which she did brought her children there. For business, for work, for anything that you can pray for. No harm doing it and I obliged since I hope to have some luck. All I need to do is to kneel down and a lady will just use the paper swipe my body and talk to the gods. Thats all and very simple. As it is only 8am, there were no one except my mom and me. Usually there will be a lot of ppl crowding there for prayers.

Well, some may or may not believe but this is up to you. I believe thus I went for it. No harm trying as this is for own good then been strong minded saying why believe these. :) Everything went well since everything were "Shun Puay": meaning to say the 2 wooden showing one up and one down. If it show both at the same direction, it meant not approval. Of course my mom and me got it good and at the end of the session, "HUAT AH!" is the word we got to say. And we proceed for our vegetarian food nearby the area before I report to work.

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