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Tuesday, May 22

My modem announced dead on Sunday after installing the new "Active Anti Virus". It stopped working after I reboot my comp several time and the connection remain zero. I called up Junjie to help me with it and yes he came over and help me with it by using his modem. Indeed he is able to work well except for mine. So, I got no choice but to head down to Sim Lim Square for the new modem. I was thinking of router at that time since I'm getting my PDA Phone soon and would like to get it connect to the network so I on the search of Modem Router.

The search was indeed headache as JJ told me to get Netgear Modem Router and I literally spent a long time searching for it. Not many shops have it and one of the shop was Fuwell and costing $132. I'm reluctant to get it thus search for more shop. Another of the shop I went to doesn't have the price stated on the modem, best of it, I can't find the model name on it. So I gave up and roam around SLS. I got 2 x Kingston Mini SD Card at Best Bargain which cost me around $25 each. Jackson recommend there as it wasn't that exp compare any other shops. Ok. There's police in the shop which I guess it is in between the boss and customer. I do not give a damn and still bought my things from there.

End up, I went to the infamous Costronic to get my modem router which cost me $113 after the best price. Duhz. But anyway, it is must cheaper than Fuwell thou and I got it straight away. I went home and tried for a long using the CD ROM and it doesn't work well. I knew that router got to set by its IP addy but it doesn't connect at all. Fearing of defective products, I wanted to go back the shop and request for a new one during my lunch time yesterday. My friend, William, told me how to get into the router IP and do the setting, hence I went home without exchanging the product.

I tried several time on my router and was unable to get it work. I called up William and explain for me and guided me by checking is my router is working or not just by plucking out the Lan cable. I tried several time using CD Rom and during the "Static IP Address" it hang on me twice. I know I'm doomed as Im prepared to head down to Ban Leong and settle my thing. End up, with my determination, I decided to reset the factory setting on the router and manage to get in. Still, it hang on there as I mentioned. Each time I reboot my computer, I reset it and weird that when I had my cd rom in, my browser will auto pop out and guide me until the static ip setting. A total of 3 time disappointment, so I decided to give up. Even with friend's help, there's absolute no solution at all. I decided to double click on one icon stated" Router Login". It appeared and asked me for password and userid! I was like.. damn... how to get it... and after a few trial, I am still confuse about that and began to lost my temper and much of disappointment.

I realised that the CD Rom did mention something on the password thing when it was able to connect to my modem! I finally got it work (by chance for it to get it connected), I saw that the Userid and Password were stated below the ROUTER! Argh!!!! I saw it and click onto the ROUTER LOGIN and yes! I got in for the set up! It is even easier then using the COCK CD ROM! It work just like linksys as I did before. Ok.. Router isn't my strong point so I took a long time to configure it. And yes finally I got it online and manage to SURF! Took me 2 hrs to configure!

I then installed the Active Anti Virus and reboot it. Best of the best, it doesn't let me get online. It eventually block me entirely for no good reason. I let it scan as I thought it will be ok after it scan of my computer. This morning I realised that it doesn't work at all and I began to think that it is the Active Anti Virus working. I uninstall, reset my router, reboot; I can get online. End up, after I uninstall it without reset my router, it is connect to the net. I am still confused about the setting of the anti virus. This is so weird. I merely want to get rid of Welchia32 worms so I uninstall my symnatec anti virus and get it. Well.. too bad. I guess I had to look around for the new anti virus.

Alvin smsed me saying that my Dopod will arrive end of mth as IDA do not approve of the vision. What vision is it? I do not know. I just know that I got to wait for another week though. Sigh.

Now, got to work hard as the money in the bank is getting lower mth by mth. I think I better start sourcing out for wedding assignment, but there's no luck. I guess, Andy's friend do not want my service thou. And over for the major photoshoot, there's literally no news from them and I decided not to pin too much high hopes. Just get on my normal life and hoping for more jobs to come in. Cash is tight now.

I am too blur on some term loan and signed up the package which allow me to loan up to 4 times of my pay. :( And my darling called for me to clarify the loan and everything will be for the bank to approve. Eventually, the loan will come with the credit card and upon terminating, the entire package will be cancel off. The interest is quite high thou so I will wait for the package to arrive first then I browse through and if I decided not to have it, I will have it terminate since it has 10 days window period. Though my girl had the answered saying if the term loan is terminate, this will goes for the credit card, but what I got from the answer from the guy yesterday was term loan terminate off call to bank and retain the card. But card is subjected to bank approval. Weird that I got 2 calls from the same marketing agency within a week. I shall wait and see thou. hmm...

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