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Saturday, May 26

My dopod is once again postphone to end of next mth and this will be the last chance Im giving Alvin the chance. There are too many things which I am very doubtful about.

First, the 1st shipment for the Dopod was rejected by IDA and yet when does the supplier of his got the 2nd batch of Dopod for IDA to check and approve it? I was told that 1st batch were rejected, whereas the 2nd batch which is oncoming will approve straight away from IDA. But.. did the supplier sent Fedex to settle the thing asap?

Second, when I was about to receive my Dopod, I was told it will take about 2 weeks to arrive and yet now the reply was 1 mth which is around 20th June. So, which is accurate in regarding of the shipment date? How come one is possible to reach within 2 weeks time and the other going to take 1 mth.

Third, Supplier changed the amount of money for the Dopod thus Alvin got to charge me $30 more! I was kinda pissed and wondering why a sudden increase as if I am looking at the stock shares? I was told by Leonard that he said $10 lower than what I heard. Therefore, Alvin is willing to bear the $10 different for all the Dopod I am getting. I will care so much as the pricing been honored had been broke. That's much of disappointment man.

If I never help Jackson to get the Dopod color changed, I would know there's increment of pricing and need to wait for 1 more mth as I thought it will only take 2 weeks. So now I had no choice but to push back 1 more month for my handphone to be pass down for Ivan. Felt so embarrass as thought everything will go smooth. Sigh... And the K750i trade price will drop further more. Shitty thou. Now is to gather more information about what I need for like GPS map, Garmin, certain programs which I need for my PDA Phone, at least the program is prepare for installation.

Another thing will be the viewing of maisonette at CCK which is holding a nice deal for us. Kinda there will be enough for us and able to afford the house, then we will rent out to keep some money for renovation. Now is to hope that we will like the house at CCK and no more grumbling from me and yes my parent will be following to give some comment, help us out on the deal. My sister agreed to follow us to Bridal Shop on 20th Jun as my sister is able to help select the gown for my dearie. More ppl, more opinion and at least I will not keep saying no.. hehe... let the experience helps around which come in handy.

Tomorrow I will mount my camera in my bag and walk around anywhere to shoot, might be thinking of Chinatown and somewhere the old housing estate. After which, I will be following with my mom and sister to my aunt's house to visit her husband. What I heard from was he might not survive after July as his health deteriorated day by day. No hospital are willing to keep him due to his day are numbered. One disgusting to phrase: Waiting for time's up. He had no strength to walk after visiting to loo and he gotta crawl out from there! My aunt had no strength to lift him up thus asking her son to help and since he is resting in the day time so more time to take care of his dad. That's life, we were born to do many things and after that we had to leave this world and proceed to another 3rd dimension life. Doctor had mentioned that we should go visit him while he is still alive before everything is too late. I'm not asking my dearie to come a long since she had something on tomorrow and she knock off around 6pm.

Treasure the life whatever you can and do what you want in life for self satisfy. Be happy in your life and everything is unpredictable.

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