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Friday, May 11

I'm relatively having stress which I do not know why. This also led me not to be in mood for days since Monday. I tried not to be worry but yet we will eventually think a lot thou. I guess the cash is the most important to me now. I'm sure that I will lost the wonderful bonus this year if I were to join another line but yet I am still waiting for the interview. This also goes for my 2 hanging on the air project too. I had no idea when the project will take place and I am sure that moonlighting will cause me a lot of problem. What I meant was the new job because different company had their own management, so I wouldn't know they allow me to do the outside job or to take in part of the percentage that I earned. Of course that's what my current job stated for having part time job outside.

I'm sorry for throwing sensitive temper today. Not sure why I did that, I knew asking is fine but yet I just felt that maybe the person do not trust me thoroughly even after guiding so long. Ask more is good but I had no idea why I pour such a temper thou. I'm sorry, dearie. I guessed I'm really picking up too much stress recently.

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