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Wednesday, May 30

I shall cut short my blog and post the photos later on. Went to area where my parent used to date, my grandpa used to stayed and the path where my parent walked on their marriage day. Hehe.. And also, after shooting while looking at the photos, there are a couple of image is my Deja Vu! I dreamt of them before and wanted to share it with you. This is astonishing and ultimate lost of my speech!

I went up to a flat by stair case since I wanted to see more and do some exercise. The view on top is nice just that it is a little hazy on that day. But I did managed to capture some of the stuff I wanted and posted on my flickr album. Some of the image got to reprocess since I think there's room for improvement. Also a chance for me to practise on my DI skill. I went up to Jalan Kukoh and Pearl Hill's School where the school had lift back in those days. About 9-10 storey as told by my dad before.

I even went to the extraordinary Condo due to its architect stand on Pearl Hills to capture the image since the condo is in round shape. You will know about this condo if you pass by Outram Park. The walk up to that Condo is indeed a killa due to the slope and distance. Next I walked all the way down to Buddha Relic Temple located at Sago lane before meeting my girl.

Im full of sweat, dirty and smelly. But heck it we went to visit the agent at CCK with my parent as well. We visited the Maisonette and after deciding for a while, we decided to pay the deposit for $1000. This is where the problem come it when buyer is willing to grab it and seller attempt to put high price and not willing to sign the paper. The situation now lies on seller due to greedy. Since at first he had let the agent of his to handle everything, he shouldn't amend any price changes after when buyer had signed the paper. In the event of any changes from seller, buyer got the rights to sue the seller for disrupting everything as time and effort been put for sourcing for a flat. If not, seller had to bear the amt of money difference if buyer got another flat which is higher then that unit. And also, when the seller wanted 10k above valuation, the agent had signed the contract with the seller and not to interfere too much but to trust on his agent. As the valuation report is ending soon, valuator had to come again to put the valuation of the house. If the house valuation goes up, we pay lesser to the seller as we had agreed on the X amt. If the valuation goes down, we got to pay more cash to the seller on the X amt.

So the thing is like this, the seller had to sign the paper or he got to pay the difference if we were to buy another flat which is higher than his. Before us, another buyer wanted to get his flat and insist to get the key first before everything is settle down. Due to such situation, seller had to play safe by accepting the deposit first in case parts of the area for the house is destroyed. So buyer willing to pay 25K out while seller insist on 30K. And due to this 5K diff, the deal is call off. Realising my girl and me willing to pay 10k cash, the seller felt greedy and wanted more as there are a lot of ppl out there selling way up the price compare to this unit which is one of the best grab. And too bad for his greediness, he got to face the fact of 10K instead of 25K which he suppose able to grab it.

Now is to wait for HLE and got to appeal for deferment for our marriage cert since we are not marry yet and wanted the 40K grant which we calculate by Jan we are able to show the evidence of our cert.

Another thing is our dear coll is leaving us to pursue a better job opportunity as Marking & Communication aka Marcom. Best of luck! More pay but more stress and please do not be as blur as what you are now... :p The rest of us will die thou... haaa... work stress coming.. and for my photographing side... no news.. wait/ patience is the best answer.

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