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Tuesday, May 8

Hmm... seriously thinking what I have to write now even thou its 12.39am now. Weather is hot and I bet that I wouldn't be able to sleep soundly today again. Waiting for Alvin to confirm the shipment date which he told me its around next week that I be getting my Dopod D810. :) Thanks bro.

Apart from that, last saturday we literally hide here and there! We didn't ran at all as everyone became a walking contingent. Who cares the damn thou. While we were at the training shed talk rubbish with Alvin as he came back to endorse his MC, all of us including Leonard crowd around the area and forgotten to return back to parade square for mass PT. While we walked up, we crowd around the Phase 1 ppl and later went back to hide as Phase 1 is ready for another training. Till everyone went for rest; Leonard, Yusman and me joined in the crowd for pull up session. Of course some of us declare excuse arm so all of us walked off from chin up bar. LOL. But today, ok I did ran for 1 rd and a half plus a pull up thou. Not much of pull up but its good to train at home since I stop pulling after the IPPT. Haha.. I be going for the RT till next Wed and will try not to skip any of the lesson. Hey! Though Im shag but shiokness is what I felt now. haha

Yes, last Sat I tried the OTO Cyber Pro which is the latest massage chair which cost only $2880 and for Cyber Lounge is $2680! Pro is ex by $200 but its the latest model among all! Great! I had tried it and felt that I wouldn't want to stand up. Haha.. this is how great the massage is. hehe.

Other then that will be my confusion stage: To resign and join another company as in house photographer for model agency. Kelvin told me that the current pay of mine took 4 years to match, if I join as photographer and I get recognise for the shoot that I did, it wouldn't be long for me to match the current pay I got now. I believe so and luck/ chance is the must to grab. The only thing worries will are that I have to give up my bonus over here and the entire benefits. I be nowhere if I stick to here thus I decided to ask Kelvin to contact the manager for interview. Let's see how it goes and see how much they offer me initially. Im praying for better pay than rather low till like when I started out in IFP. But I must have confident on myself thou. Fearing that my dearie will be sad that I gonna have a deep cut on CPF and salary which our house got to pull back. If I try next year, it will be worst as we had the housing already and many things got to be done. Let's hope for the best of everything.

I promise to buy a larger flat than a 4rm which is really no use at all since I really fancy bigger house. This is for future and we wouldn't be moving unless we can upgrade to landed! :) Hoping Kelvin and me will fight all the way thru. Jobs jobs jobs.. come in! Let's hope the best and pray hard. This time round, I'm really gambling big risk. Finger cross.

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