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Thursday, April 19

Worst scenario for yesterday RT IPPT.

Reached at 5.30pm, I waited until about 7pm before we can start our static test. SBJ is my killer hence I went that first after the wave before me had finished. I got 198cm which I need 212 to pass! I tried the 2nd time, line faulty (WTF is that!) I pissed and took my tag away on the electronic device. I re Q to do again as I am unhappy about it. I jumped away but I missed cue and my foot stomp on the LED reading system on the SBJ electronic system which is 45 degree facing to us on the ground.

One of the guy, Jason is the joker for the entire RT, laughed until like... well...

I pissed as I failed my first station. I went for shuttle run which I saw a lot of ppl skidded upon touching the line and ran back. The device is simple. Put your tag on the reader, OTOT run up and down for 2 time. It will auto start the timing. We got to run on the map somemore which the PTI said this is to guide us for running straight. My turn was hilarious because I skidded when I touched the line and about to go for the 2nd time! I re ran it and the PTI asked me:"Are you ready?" Mentality of us will say "OK" plus run ahead! Why? OTOT! When I ran forward and touched the line, the PTI say he haben put the tag in! WTF is that!!!! I was so pissed that I shouted I dun want to run anymore! I snatched my tag away and walk off. PTI kept saying he never say "Go" I argued that mindset will tell you to run. bloody idiotic that I got straight 0 points.

Luckily my pull up : 3 pt. Sit up: 3 pt. Everyone was impressed by my pull up! haha all of them tot I cant do a single shit. End up, I did 7! Haha.. I said, slippery man! If not I can do 8 or 10 already! haha, PTI say my palm sweaty. duhz!

2.4Km Run: Was told to run 3 rd if not the timing will go on and on. Best part is some of the guys fall out at 2nd lap where as me, Jason and another guy, Guoshun ran, walk, sprint for 3 rds! WTF! Waste of time!!!! Idiotic! Plus, when I finished that time, I saw my timing is 22min 39sec and stated I got 2 more lap to go! One of the PTI said that they had manual timing. I had nothing to say at all and put in "Electronic Sucks BIG TIME!"

Last year by having manual timing work a lot faster then this year! By 8pm, I'm already outta camp. And for yesterday? 9.30pm we outpro. What the shit! System so slow! This is so irritating man! The PTI still said:"U never take shuttle run?" I say NO! Ur electronic cock up! Why must I give face when the electronic, PTI work so shitty. OH MI GOD.

Funniest when some of us (we just met up during RT) were joking that we all run because of the PTI ran opposite us. I said:"Soldier shag, CANNOT THING!" Everyone laughed non stop! haha...

Great to see my old JVSS pal! Another one! He is Radin who look much fatter then before. I should say, more handsome! He was so skinny last time thou. haha. Congrats that he is married thou. LOL.

And the verdict for the entire IPPT: a lot of ppl complain of the time taking too long. A lot of ppl failed SBJ. Great to know a lot pals!!!! (first time I enjoy my RT) hahaha

Oh yes. My manager is sending me to Photoshop Creative Suite 3 talk on 24th Apr '07 at Raffles area. From 9am to 5.30pm! haha.

And yes, PS CS 3 rox big time! Wanna know why? Look at these tutorial and you got ur question answered.

Photoshop CS 3 Introduction
Russell Brown PS CS 3 Tips
PS CS 3 Video

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