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Wednesday, April 11

What a boo I made over at Maju camp today. I thought I had placed my bag in this particular locker because the one next to it is unable to lock it due to wrong code, hence I placed it below the 'spoilt' locker. When I went back to retrieve my bag, I forgotten about it and thought it was lost as I can only rem it was on right side and not on the below one. Hmm.. But I seriously can't rem that... did I place it there? This is so weird. hmm..

Anyway, I didn't really jog today as we were told to jog for 20min non stop at our own pace. End up, some of the ppl ran 3rd which is 2.4km route. Whereas me, jog 1 rd and walk 1 rd. Haha. I was with another guy talking all the way till the end point at that time so I decided to take a rest afterwards and wait for the 2 PTI to finish their run. Phase 2 gone home early as expected thou.

While doing the warm down, we heard misfire which brought to many attention. Maybe it's just some crackers thou. No one seem to do a thorough inspection. The 2nd loud pop sound was heard again and I saw it was at the last floor in the bunk with 2 flash light. Still no one went in to check it out because it was locked and no light. Is it my eyes playing a trick or its reflection? Mystery.

Today my baby girl and me went to Orchard Parade Hotel to book our restaurant and we signed off happily after getting the information of what we want. Sadly to say that the deposit is 2.1K and there will be a 2nd deposit 6mth before the banquet which is be around June. That will be another 2.1K and total I will have to pay 4.2K for the entire banquet deposit. So by then I will pay less 4.2K after the banquet. I will use multiple card and pay for it to the max. At least better thou. We also will be holding our solemnisation before the start of the banquet lunch which is after the fetching of bridal. Tea ceremony will be held over at the hotel, which mean everything will be very rush! I prefer it this way as I wanna do everything in one shot. Hee...

In short, 9mth of preparation will be sufficient thou. Bridal studio of MTM gown and photo shoot with our ring. Everything will be done just in time. I'll aim bleach suit. hmm.. *sweat* haha.. Ring, I kinda got the design which I need to draw first and pass it to Fairy Inc boss so that it's alot easier to do it. Other than that, will be our house which we had submitted our application yesterday which we are hoping to get the house that we want. Options are too much like near to Bukit Panjang Plaza, LRT, bus stop or prefer far but quiet and yet nice. Hmm.. Headache. LOL

Now, is to approach Bridal de Couture to do the measurement first. :) 1st instalment is about to finish and 2nd instalment will start after the banquet. Phew. Feel like buying iPod Nano thou. And the great thing about is that iWorld is out which enable us to listen to radio! Incredible! It cost $79(i guess) over at Wheelock apple centre. hehe.

Hoping everything comes in smooth... e.g. my freelance job. hehe Yes.. now is to inform everyone now. hahaha

And yes.. damn.. 1 mth after my wedding, CNY! Give ang pow liao!!!! Boo Hoo Hoo!!!

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