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Thursday, April 5

This is my 2nd week of RT! Hurray! Time flies damn fast and I had 2 more weeks to go for my end of Phase 1. Look like my stamina had been built up but not my fast running! Train train train! Yesterday during the RT session, we were break into 2 groups. 1st group will do circuit training like: Pull up, tuck jump, navy leg kicking, crunches, leg rear launch and buddha clap. Buddha clap: place your hand up to ur side and move up and clap. Its a 90 degree movement and will get sore afterwards. 2nd group: Run as fast as you could for a min, and then a min to walk which will rotate the interval for 12times.

Luckily I was in the 2nd group as I can run fast and managed to eat snake during my circuit training. Before falling out for briefing, we were told to do the shuttle run like running ahead, touch the line and run further back to touch another line which a total of 4 lines ahead of you but ran for 8 times.

Finally managed to meet the WO officer which is the OC for the RT. He is still the same since last year. Sure he is a funny chap that know how to joke around. He do not waste our time by talking crap because once he started his nonsense, the time on his watch is already running. He got to talk for 20min for every session for Phase 1 only. So I always see the Phase 2 ppl will go off earlier then us. He also stated something really funny that when we approach Maju Camp we tend to look down as if we are attending someone else funeral. Haha...

Anyway, finally Maju Camp had money free locker to lock our belonging. All we need is to set our own password only which we no long need to place $0.20 in the locker and took the key along during our training. And yes, a total of 200+ lockers are dedicated to all RT personnel.

I booked the car later on and will be collecting it nearby my house. $70 for a Honda Civic which enable me to drive for a day. 7pm to another day of 7pm. How cool huh! Yes it is manual and I need to brush up for my clutch too. haha. Been a long time since I drove a manual car although last Sunday I used the manual car. Hehe. Tmr I be visiting my grandma at LCK which I had no idea why my aunt ain't coming at all. Beside that, we be visiting Sanyi as she just went for operation recently due to some problem on her leg. After which, will be at Orchard Parade Hotel viewing the layout of the restaurant as there's wedding coming along this weekend. We again changed the concept to banquet as it isn't cheap to invite everyone to outdoor dinner as the marquee will cost a lot more! There will be more hidden charges which we might not know at all. Luckily on 19th Jan '08, there's available for lunch session which we need to act fast to book it before someone paid up! So its more of like rushing game. The restaurant is by Tung Lok and is well known for their food so, rest assured for that! Also, we can invite more ppl if we realise later on. Hoping everything goes fine.

There will be DJ table, photographers table and my coy. Oh.. army mates! I be having instant camera on every tables so that everyone can take and shoot it. I guess I will spend a fortune but WHO CARES! haha Other than that, I need to think of anyway to make the entire banquet the most memorable one. hehe.. hmm.. Exciting!

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