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Saturday, April 28

Thanks to JJ source as my net seem to load even faster than ever.

This is kinda weird that every Saturday while awaiting to for my RT, it will bound to rain! And for sure, this is a heavy rain. No doubt about it.

I wanted to say something which I personally felt that this is damn true. Be it whether you are a professional or what so ever, once you load an image of yours on one particular forum to share, you will tend to get some sarcastic remarks which come from people who are either do not understand the whole concept, do not understand what the photographer is thinking. In overall, no matter what what photos you put it in, negative comments is bound to appear. It is ok to remain neutral to get negative comments, but the most frustrated is that these people do not share the same ideas as the photographer.

You may load up to your own gallery and showcase to everyone to see. If you do not like the photos, you click off. But on the forum, slamming appears on post after post. Even you a top notch photographer with some anonymous name, you will not escape after all. Its not about hearing only the positive remarks, but if negative is heard, show what you meant by that then just slamming ppl. For instance like a so call 'newbie' photographer trying to tell this wedding photographer work in a total wrong way as if that once one of the photographer got their own reputation, the post will only contain with positive remarks. I can say this is totally wrong, why? It could be the 'newbie' photographer having some jealousy? No one knows. This word is so sensitivity from that photographer feeling.

I wouldn't both are in wrong, but giving you a choice, will you post an image to create war? Mostly war started from third party viewers. What say you?

Forum is a nice place to hang around with other photographers like sharing some pointers, organise outing for some outdoor shoot etc. However, there are a group of ppl who might think like wise. Why do I have to say that? What I'm going to say is judging by my own perspective ways. I am a neutral guy.

You may seen to love photography a lot and this is part of your hobby. But to some hobbyists, their idea is to have more and more stuff. Hobbyists stand for majority group. But it does spread out into groups like: Collector and Enthusiastic shooters.

Collector Hobbyists: Love to collect cameras be it vintage, digital, lenses and etc..

Enthusiastic shooters: Love to go out shoot non stop with what you are contented with. Be it a good pic or no, you just like to shoot and to improve.

And yes, there are so call Collector Enthusiastic shooters which they love overall. Simple as that.

But rem, some collectors belong to the group that they only collect but seldom or rarely go shoot. Hmm.. I hope I wouldn't fall into that category.

And always remember this, ppl who post a lot in forum or been in the forum for long doesn't mean he is 'lao jiao' aka old bird. These ppl can post and post non stop and asking question and gather the information, pour on the newbies. In another word, so what you been asking non stop and buying non stop when you belong to the group of "arrogant". Most imptnt as what Andy always told me, produce a good photo with you had is the best answer.

This same goes to audio producer. You got the most fanciful equipment doesn't mean you are the top notch producer. Thou you are a pianist, doesn't mean you can mingle around with composing that fast. I firmly believe in talent, bright and dare to do.

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