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Sunday, April 22

Slacker is the word for the RT today! I met the asthmatic, Guoshun and Steven! I thought Steven passed! End up telling me he failed by 8sec! What a waste man! Everyone is in the most boring mood today, so no much of strength. Jason is not here today, maybe due to deferment. But we do miss this entertainer! haha.

Asthmatic and me ran to hide whatever we can. Got one time when we were supposed to do the pull up and just at the same time that the IPPT takers came and sat in front of us to listen for the briefing. And our RT PTI want only part of the guys to come forward as there are rooms for doing the pull up. So eventually I took up and told my frenz, come on man lets go. I even told Steven:"Ninja Bomb time!" All the rest of the guys followed me to the cookhouse and hide! haha.. Ok. I admit I never do at all. This also goes for the stepping up on the chair and down at the canteen as it's raining! Asthmatic and me hid damn well that the PTI can't spot us. The only time when we appeared were:"OUTPRO TIME!" haha

This is fun fun fun. Dickson will be joining me on my days but he is in Phase 1. And Leonard will want to join me for Phase 2 on Sat too! haha.. Got khakis for now! Haha. He is starting the phase 2 on Sunday morning which is... 8 hrs from now! haha. He will be changing to Monday, Wednesday and Saturday! haha.. Siong for him as he got to come for the training for 2 days in a row! But... anyway P2 is damn slack. So.. need not to bother at all. Like today, we ran 2km only! Haha.. No much of training thou. yes, 6.10pm we outpro. haha.

Fun. This is ever the first RT I ever enjoy so much! Hope to see Jason on Monday training. Entertainer must be ard! Haha. I was told by Steven that for P2, we can skip 3 lesson without doing any Makeup! Of course, this got to depend on your unit thou. I would love NOT to go... but.. since my pals are all there.. Just go and have fun. All the talk cock sing song session must go on for another 3 weeks of RT! Woot!

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