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Saturday, April 7

Seem like I really love Thai rock song a lot! I even brought back Thai program home and listen for my pleasure. lol. It's really speechless why I really love Thai song. But I had to say that their song is damn nice.

Apart from there I'm touching on my post production work as well. The placing of Vox is about to done and hopefully by midnight I can finish everything and touch on the volume level. Not to forget the special effect been requested too. I will then render as entire waveform and pass back to Iva for final touch up on the Final Cut Pro. This is sure a fun thing to do as some of my coll were interested to learn even more. I bet this really open another opportunity of learning on post production. But for the future , who will be in charge is still unknown because it is quite impossible to let one of the team to handle randomly. Fun but workload is added and complaint will be heard. :)

Today RT is much tiring as we were told to do 3 type of push up non stop like spider, standard and diamond style. Next will be stationary fast run with tuck jump and we got to jump 5 time at one go. Yes.. pull up is not inevitable! 2 sets of 8 pull up! Man... I struggle for 16! Of course with the help of the assistants to pull me up! Got to thanks them! Actually there's one guy who can't do the pull up in my group which is formed up as 4 guys. 2 of us helped to push the guy up for 8 times and using our entire force! I can't understand why the 4th guy didn't help at all which I guessed he is merely resting after his turn. *cough* the 2 of us were struggling so much and yet I see no help! And of course he got to help me by pushing me up to do another 8 more for the 2nd set. Haha.. I can't hang on for the last 8. Hand = trembling! Shag is the word!

To think the last shuttle run in the MPH made me totally shag out because my leg is totally like jelly fish! Man.... haha... But at least I felt that I'm losing a lot of weight and training up my fitness too! That's the good point of RT. Other than that, it's really waste of time! Haha.. Glad to know one of the guy over at RT name Ah Hong and he lived at Fajar only! I shall get his contact no when I see him again on Wed. This is the third week of my RT and soon will be my IPPT. I will try my very best for the run and hoping that I can run faster as usual because I feel that I do train up! But sad to say that there's no much of 2.4km or 3km run due to the bad weather. Hoping I can fare well for my IPPT. If not, I will be promoted to Phase 2 for my RT and it will be much tougher as Phase 1. Yes... additional day will be added which fall on Monday. Hee

Oh yes. I saw one of my old pal who studied at JVSS as well. He is Benjamin Loke. He didn't change much for his talking way at all. I didn't approach him for no good reason. I bet he had forgotten how I look after all. Everyone changed and I saw him holding to a pack of Ciggie too. Heh!

I will never forget that this guy abuse my Pac Net account when I login my account at his house. For greed, he login by using my ID and password and surf! I trusted him for uninstalling it! Still, the trust failed. Clever enough I printed out the entire logsheet from Pac Net as I can check which number I used to login. He was speechless when I shown him the printed evidence. Don't forget that $20 is a big sum to school kids back then and everything for net is dialing and charge by minute.

Another incident that he attempt to woo my good pal, Weibin. She is a quiet girl and told me before that she do not fancy him. haha.. I got the information from her that Ben bought her a big bunch of flowers at Jurong East MRT station! Haha. Ok, end up he failed to win Weibin heart. I kinda wanted to find this good pal of mine. And yes.. we were from the same Pri Sch! (If I rem correctly)

The last incident will be Ben's hair. I rem that he, John (another guy I wanted to find too) and me went to cut hair at Jurong East near Yuhua Pri Sch. And the next day, he entered the sch tuckshop, which is linked to our concourse area; his hair is PERM! Hello! His hair is fucking PERM and the entire whole SCH LAUGH TILL NO DAY NO NIGHT! hahahaha.. His mushroom hair is so funny that all of us can't stop laughing! Can you imagine the first step he entered the sch, laughter is heard?! I asked what happen and his funniest reason is: I don't like the hair that uncle cut so I requested for perm! WTF!

And yes, he got ultra bad tempered too! Haha.

I think I shall touch on some of my fav topic on my sch mate for my next few blog. Like my good buddy, Hao Zhi. A blur king in JVSS: Aloysius. My NCC stuff. Fighting in sch. My pal who is killed by gang. etc.. Some of those memories. I do hope to find back some of these guys for at least a coffee session. The most person I wanted to find will be John and Haozhi. My best buddy during my JVSS time. :( I do not know whether their phone number is still available or not.. maybe they moved.. the only source will be Friendster.

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