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Sunday, April 1

Haven blog for sometimes due to some busy stuff like my start of RT. It's pretty 'siong' as compared to last year session. Till yesterday, I realised that I would rather go for run then doing some stupid Mass PT as it really waste lots of the time at the MPH which we got to break up into Phase 1 and Phase 2.

There's MOB at the camp whereas the entire SIR had been called back. I had never seen such a big MOB due to my small unit. I totally felt that I had never seen such a situation before after my BMT.

Anyway, RT is extremely tiring but yet I felt that I had trained up a lot. Its weird that I can endure my 1km run non stop for a round though I walked on the 2nd rd but carry on running for the 3rd rd. Hee. I managed to do 5 pull up.

Apart from that, recently I had been hooked up with a HK drama from TVBI which is "Split Second". This is one of my favourite show when I watched it at SCV but failed to follow up for every episode. I'm glad that I am able to finish the show. Haha.

And yes. Finally Keith and me got involved with some of the commercial recording. It can be tiring but yet this is truly challenging unlike the usual stuff we do always. If there's more outside job like this, I guess that our system in the studio needed some serious upgrade like doing the synchronisation with audio and video. This is goes to our PC as well because of the low memory for the ram. Imagine of having 512mb and lower of 1Gb ram for doing production work? This is a joke though! sigh.... can't imagine that having a ram upgrade consist of so much troublesome.

Now waiting that my luck will come faster and finish that RT asap.

Oh yeah. My darling and me planning to get marry perhaps on 2008 Jan. We are planning for a simple wedding hold beside the poolside where our solemnisation will take place. Of course our AD will be in the morning. Tentatively 06th Jan '08. Let's hope nothing really goes wrong hee.. woot! ;)

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