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Tuesday, April 17

After searching around Friendster site, I found out most of my pal got married and gave birth already! Hm.. I shall say that I seen them in school but never really talk to them in person! hahaha

This morning while I'm checking my email, one of my pal added me as friend in Friendster! He is See Hiang who is a small chap back in JVSS period. He is fun pal and also I never forget he is mad over one of the gals who is much taller than him! Hehe Of course, after leaving the school, the only time I met up with him is at West Mall CoffeeBean! He smoked and told me that he is BMT instructor! Haha.. But then I found that he changed alot as in the way he talk was damn irritating which made me feel he is trying to prove himself or what so ever. I didn't bother about that thou.

I need to thanks Diana that I managed to find Elson, Clarence, He Xiang etc in her contact too.

Last friday I was MSNing Vincent and for don't know how he managed to found Houxiang out in the msn! We were chatting half way when Houxiang mentioned of meeting up and dear old Vincent said why not meet today? haha.. End up we met up at West Coast Mac around 11pm. Both Vincent and me lived quite far away and yet we reached faster then someone who live nearer! brat. Vincent had his Vios with big pipe which is legal one, and Houxiang with his ZX6 Ninja. I was.. wow! haha. And they were so surprised that I just passed my Class 2 because I was one of the first to get the Class 2B back then! haha. Vincent had his remote pressed and his car is auto on when he about to reach his car. Damn it! Haha

Im glad to meet up with these 2 chaps which we had not met up for a long period of time! haha.. Im so sorry to Lianghai that I never went to his baby first mth and 1 yr old. Terrible sorry. haha. I wanted to invite all of these good pals to my wedding. haha.. Of course we were crapping alot at Mac like who got married, who gave birth etc.. haha.. and some funny stupid jokes haha.

And yes, I finally called Benjamin Loke last Sat at Maju camp! Hehe. We had our contact exchanged and found out he is studying for sport management. Good for him as he always love sport stuff and yet.. why is he smoking and at RT? hahahaha

I'm hoping to meet up with Mr Mooi who is my ex form teacher. Wanted to invite them all. Thanks to many who congrats me alot! I can see Houxiang been very envy! hahaha

My dear waiting for ballot and found some good unit around my area. The most shocking will be the Mansionette which is only 287k! Compared to 5rm and exec unit, they each cost ard 300k and above! Wow. If we can secure that, it will be good. If not, we can try for Mansionette opp Bukit Panjang Plaza which I rec about 300k plus. Hmm.. Maybe after the deduction of grant and near parent's, it will be much cheaper. 5rm had 2 bedroom and 1 masterbedroom and you can do ur study room also. Mansionette is the same, just that study room is on the first floor and the entire area is big enuff. If we had more kids, 2 of them can sleep in a room! We can always do a partition thou. haha :p

Praying hard.

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