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Thursday, March 22

Power... look at the time that I'm posting now.. Still in office due to helping Norimah 's PC as her computer totally die off. In fact was helping Keith to do the recording, end up the IT guy need help to solve some Samplitude stuff and luckily I'm ard to help out if not Keith will be totally fed up. Man.. it wasn't easy to figure the problem what's going on for Norimah PC as the problem might lies on the soundcard since there's clicking sound non stop when I played back the audio CD on both Samplitude Window Media Player. Even when shutting down the PC, the window original tune also occur the clicking sound which make it even obvious for the spoil soundcard and not the DAT player which I'm going to exchange mine for her to test is it the DAT problem.

Internal sound card on board give no problem and yet Yamaha Soundcard give clicking sound.. so.. now 85% is the cause of the card and not the DAT. Look like it is not a simple task afterall.

Time's up and I'm going home.. OT.. 11.15pm. 5hr 15min of Time Off. L:)

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