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Monday, March 19

Love my Canon 5D a lot as the grip is huge for my palm to hold it. Wonderful feeling. I guess, I use the camera with grip from now on. Thanks Darrel for giving me a lot of advises and guidance on the 5D. I brought my camera along to work today and thought that I can go for some Sunset shoot but realising that company might not recognise for my OT today since recording start at 8pm and I wanted to go shoot from 6pm - 7.15pm. End up, I shall stay in office and surf net, if not PSP my NFS game. :P

Look like Canon 5D is addictive! Moreover not to forget I have to get use to the color of it since I'm a Fuji S3Pro user. The camera is heavy when everything is mount on. I began to think of which range to get. I am currently thinking of Tilt & Shift lens which will be either 24mm or 90mm for both exterior and food photographing. Other than that, 135mm f2 is another choice. Both costing 2K + each. :(

Now I will try to look for more photos regarding about corporate, people, food, interior shoot as to understand even more. ;)

Earlier on while heading to lunch with Mag, Wanting and the intern, Charlene, we took the lift from 4th floor to basement. When the lift passed 3rd floor, the lift jerk quite hard and it go down even faster then the usual time. It was so scary that we thought the lift will hit the basement! I wasn't afraid at that time till Mag was screaming non stop and hold onto my arm mistaken it's a RAILING! (win liao lor) By then... I feel the fear too! Thanks hor! haha... But of course, we had to inform the security guard regarding to this method so as to report to the management. I hope this wouldn't happen the next time. Somehow, I had no confident on The Riverwalk bubble lift! Sighz

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