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Wednesday, March 21

Look like Im still hanging on to the phobia of taking the bubble lift today. Be it up or down, the feeling of mine is rather tense! I kept imagining things which is not suppose to happen but after 2 time of taking the lift, I felt relieved and put confident to the lift.

I gonna shoot some of the stuff at my house later on as Andy had posted some photos on the flickr group. The theme is home and everything must related to home. I shall first start with my room and slowly move on. I gonna try the tether way of shooting the cam using Capture One Pro. Great thing to play around! lol.

I shan't talk so much and get my ass to the photo.

Oh yea... Maxtor 500gb for external cost only $279 at Funan Challenger which really seem impressive! Almost 50% off from the usual price which I wanted to get it previously. Since I be taking lots of photos, this external hdd will come in handy though. lol... Think... hmm...

And also.. I also get my ass on Tilt and Shift lense from and it is much cheaper then what Cathay Photo had quote me. Locally charging me 2350 SGD, whereas BHPhotovideo cost me 1840 SGD with inclusive of shipping and 5% GST. I think the lense is worth to get from US rather then local where as the price differ alot! Way too much! Irritating was CP quotation isn't that consistent as the salesman hope to gain more sales due to commission.

Ha! I finally King of the Road for Need for Speed: Carbon. I doubt I'm able to get 1m bucks to buy all cars and mod them all! haha... Not going to be an easy task. I shall stick back to my Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and maybe some others. I played Gundam earlier on. I don't understand a shit on the Jap language and I totally give up. Not a nice game though the graphic is incredible. To be frank, I'm still craving for my Company of Heroes and the games which my darling bought for me (can't rem the title afterall).

Sad to say, no fast graphic card and 2 x wide LCD screen with faster comp running on C2D and PCI E graphic card. ;p . I shall work towards that and earn a MacBookPro! LOL

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