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Sunday, March 4

It seem back to the 90s when I been craving for YouTube recently! The resaon is simple: to watch the MV that I never seen before and to think back the past time. Not to forget that A.I., Zann and me been in the MSN talking non stop about some dance music MV as well! We been sharing non stop and joke about the past music! The famous artist which include Masterboy, 2unlimited, Real McCoy, Gala, Corona, Infinity, DJ Bobo, Scatman John, La Bouche etc... For those who love dance music in the 90s, I bet you wouldn't forget them! They rock! If you noticed, each group will have 1 female singer and the rest as rapper!

One of my favourite video will be:

Haha.. those were the days!

And of course, my most favourite music from COLOR ME BADD!!! Got to know this sone when I am in Sec 2.

And also not to forget the most sexiest video I ever watch since back then will be Janet Jackson!

You should search for more video of what you like! I had been finding non stop and simply love them all! Haha

Another thing I would like to say things of management. If they can't even understand the employee feeling, how can they manage the entire company well? This is too disappointing when the truth is out. They will only make the employee despised upper management team then showing respect because the situation been feedback is way too much! Sigh.

Yeah, I went to Angela Chang interview yesterday with Keith at Conrad. We were waiting for 20min before it's our turn. But sadly to say the people before us took their own bloody time to shoot and doing interview as if they have the time of their own world. I suspect it's from Zaobao :p Sigh.. and that led us not having to take photo with Angela Chang :( .

Keith and me went back to office and put back the stuff as it's kinda heavy to carry ard. We had our fill, listening to music and dilly dally abit before we make our way off from office. At the same time, I called up to various places for the Canon 5D pricing. End up I thought Alan Photo will be the cheapest! When I was at Alan Photo with my gf, I was quoted $4400 for the warranty Canon 5D and through the phone, it wasn't! I was not quote for grey set knowing that it will cost only $3800. But, the guy told me yesterday the pricing will be $4110 for grey! Is he trying to be funny with me? I don't think I will trust them much. They quoted the pricing same as Cathay Photo which I rather get from there then AP! So, in a way, it is justify that I will get the grey set from The Camera Workshop since it cost $3650 for the grey set which they had their own In-House warranty. The lense I ask from AP and TCWS cost wasn't that big! And to think that the grey set Canon 24-70mm f2.8 cost $2320 and TCWS quoted me $2000!!! This is far too much! Does that guy trying to be funny with me or what! I will get GREY SET THEN! Tuesday, I be taking 1hr time off to settle my camera stuff! Argh!!!

And yes, Saturday I will go to Cafe f'stop which located opposite my working area and rent the Hasselblad for Black & White shoot. Andy and me will be going for some shoot on 11th March for Black and White photo shoot. First timer to MF so it's gonna be interesting thou.

Andy is the found of +65 SG photos in flickr which compile only SG photos! So photo hobbyist, DO JOIN US!

Seen in the Plus65 Singapore Flickr Pool

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