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Saturday, March 10

I shall stated as Good and Bad day on Friday. (Now is midnight hence its Saturday!) Must blog down!

First, I need to thanks for the wonderful coll as we are forever having so much fun during our meal time. And that also make Mag thought of something which I agreed totally. She intend to have 1 day at least once a month or so, gather at a cafe or pub so that we can have chit chat session! Isn't that cool like what we always seen on tv esp Hong Kong drama? By end of the day, we can always go home happily and feel de stress rather than putting on frown face and adding up to more anger mood!

I be waiting for that to happen!

And yes, I need to thanks Kenny for renting the beauty Hasselblad to me! And thanks Jason who passed the camera at Cafe F'stop! The funniest thing will be Jason do not know how to operate the camera and no one can help him at all! I thought I can have some crash course from him but end up, I think net is the best solution for me as it will contain the manual! I printed it out and almost made the printer jam as it is waiting for it to process! Oops. haha.

Jason again called me to clarify if I really want to rent this cam since both of us had no idea how to operate it. And he also asked for payment immediately and I am unable to produce it as the ATM is quite far from the RiverWalk. Best part, he hope I can come down before 5.45pm! So, I gotta sneak out to get it which took about 10min or so. Phew! Luckily they allow me to return the cam on monday and charge me $70 only! Payment will be make on the return date! This also include 2 x B&W film! COOL huh!

Timing strike 6.15pm and I am still taking my own sweet time to pack up before meeting Andy at Peninsula for coffee. As a result, everyone thought timing had not reach 6pm! Haha.. Because I am the 6pm walking alarm clock in IFP! :p

After meeting Andy, we went to Funan Yakun to check through the cam. We managed to understand almost everything like aperture, focusing, loading of film except for shutter speed adjustment which I am still in the midst of question mark world.

We gave up in the end and hoping to find the answer online later on. Andy was supposed to go Katong to fetch his gf and asked me where am I heading to. Either home or find Veron. So, in the end I decide to meet Veron up since Andy is heading there which is near KATONG! haha.. Thanks goodness! haha.. Of course, I surprised her with my sudden appearance! LoL.

Oh thanks Junhui for lending me his guitar book! Guess... My life is fully pack now! :P

After sending my gf home with our prata dinner, I hailed Comfort cab back home. Everything is smooth all while long until the cab driver was making a left turn into the filter lane from Bukit Timah to Choa Chu Kang way. Just when he wanted to move out, there's one idiotic black Honda Civic driving damn fast from Bukit Panjang side! That force the cab I am in to stop. And the best part, the cab is banged by another cab!

Both driver got down and started scolding each other like:"Why you stop suddenly!" "Why you can't move slowly?" etc... Fact: Behind car is in wrong and yet the cab drive kept pushing blame! Cab A (the cab I am in) took down the Cab B (bang from the back) car plate number as to lodge complaint to Comfort. Cab B driver wanted to settle personally and do not want to create trouble and saying thing why Cab A driver so mean... Cant he be lenient? But Cab A driver doesn't give a damn and hop in back to the car and wanted to move off.

From my observant, the Cab B driver hoping for peaceful talk and do not want to lose the job, or even had bad record! As a result, he went devastated and quicken his pace from the cab and opened the cab A driver door fiercely and jumped into it and started scolding all the vulgarity that he want no trouble! I wasn't that afraid at that time but things start to go worsen if I don't act quickly! He pointed Cab A driver with his pen on and attempt to do something silly! I stood up by pushing him back on his shoulder and shouted:"Do not be rash. Talk peacefully, ok!" He looked at me and I stared back hardly and he soften down by saying he want Cab A drive IC. At least he didn't try to attempt any silly thing again!

Cab A driver kept telling Cab B driver that his wallet as at the door, he want to take it but stupid Cab B driver say I DUN CARE! WTF! He went bonker for sure! To prevent the other vehicle to knock onto the cab door, cab A driver requested not to open the door too widely! Funny again, Cab B driver say, NVM! ITS OK! duhz... OMFG!

Then, finally they settled themselves as writing down the IC number and exchange the phone number because the Cab B driver will hold responsible for the bang and do not want to get involved with Comfort side. Seriously, the bang wasn't that terrible, just that the boot cannot be open. Cab B driver mentioned that he will call Cab A driver to settle everything.

Sigh.. Why can't both talk properly in the first place? Why act so rash and treat nothing happen. I hope Cab A driver is ok now thou. He is furious after driving off from the scene (which create a lil jam) He didn't want to trouble me as witness thou and he do understand that why the guy need to be so rude and started to be very violent? By doing that, the Cab B driver is already in wrong for assaulting! What if I got heart problem and very weak?

Sigh... End up while trying to hold the guy off as not to let any silly thing happen, I myself got a line drew on my palm from the Cab B driver's pen. The start of the line was from in the middle of the index finger and thumb until my knuckle. That create swollen and a little of injury as there's little blood seen on the start of the line. Duhz.. During the banging, I was munching my teeth and hurt my teeth as well.. fuck shit.

Veron baby forgotten to bring her handphone home, so I can't contact her at all. :(

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