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Saturday, March 17

I gotta force myself to go out soon to shoot as I finally had my Canon 5D! Its damn heavy thou! The build is good compared to those 400D series. I totally love it!

But the hole in my pocket is really... BIG!

$3650 for a Canon 5D
$25 for camera batt (Gotten it cheaper due to I got the cam body as well)
$390 for BG E4

Paid the entire stuff in cash for $4065. (sob)

I even got the lense 24-70 L f2.8 at $2000. As I cash the body, I felt that I rather have the lower cost to put under installment base which add up $90 for the 12mth interest. Worth it! Why not?

Nick from The CameraWorkshop also include a free UV filter and a screen protector for me. Haha. Not bad... I totally love the cam and I read the entire manual last night and got it about 75% understand of how to use the Canon 5D. Will be posting more photos after I shot it! Love the V grip also! My hand literally hold it well enough. haha.

Now praying for jobs to come in so that everything can cover my investmant. :)

And yes, I had finally help Kelvin for his PSP with the help of the guy from CS. Million of thanks to this young dude! Haha

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