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Wednesday, March 7

Happy or sad? I got my decision made up to go The Camera Workshop for my Canon 5D purchase, end up the guy told me no stock. Sighz. But I did put down my name so if there's stock, the person can call me up and get the camera. Hoping it wouldn't take too long to get it. Today, suppose there's a stock come in but someone is faster then me. So, too bad thou.

Fret not, I shall fully utilize the Hasselblad that I rent for this sunday with Andy for our shoot. 9.30am we head to end of Lim Chu Kang for rural shoot then, 2pm meet up the rest for lil india street shoot. Im going to purchase more film to make full use of the MF! Hoping Saturday the guy is able to pass me ;) I'm a newbie to this camera so hope the turn out will be ultimate good! haha.

Yesterday, Singapore faced some shocking as there's big quake at Indonesia which occurred twice in the morning which is 6.6 rate. This is magnificent thou. We are across 500km from Indo and most of the Singaporean felt that shakiness. Many thought coll were playing trick on them as their table moves. When Keith asked is it me who played trick, I say no and sat still a while and I felt few sec of shaky from left to right. Oh dear... We thought Riverwalk building is unsafe and yet after a while, I found out online that there's big quake over at Indonesia. Luckily for CS forum, Im able to find out some of the reason what happened.

Many were evacuate from the building and some even told the workers to go home. That including the school itself too! Over here? Ha! Work till you die ok. Management don't even bother about anything and there's no news from them as well. Ha! Damn it. :p

Anticipate for the shoot this Sunday!

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