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Wednesday, March 14

Decided to blog using Microsoft Word as the stupid irritating internet is down today. Wondering what time the net will be alive. Damn you.

Gotta meet Kelvin for lunch as he has to pass me his PSP for some cracking purpose. :p

Sunday, I met up with a bunch of cool photographers which is ultimate unusual! The only reason will be this is not a digital photo taking session. Its call Toy Cam outing. Its nice as I saw a lot of different cam like, Pinhole, Holga, Lomo, and also me holding the Medium Format. Been figuring much and yes I handle well with the cam! The only wrong thing that I did will be, wrong usage of light meter because the ASA is 400 on the light meter and Im using ASA 100 slide. Hoping the Lim Chu Kang picture will turn out nice thou. Waiting to send for developing ;)

I am doing my own pinhole by using a coke can and it must succeed! There will be a lot of trial and error thou. After reading so much of the tutorial online, I am confident to do one of my own. I just need more time to get everything right.  Fingrcross thou. Once it had been done, I will post the entire photos on my every stage in my blog and flickr.

I just got my new keyboard(Logictech MX3200) from Fuwell at Funan IT Mall yesterday costing $165 after many times of walking up and down just to check the pricing. End up, Fuwell is the lowest. Challenger is cheaper but since I had no member at all, I decided to give up the idea of getting from there. I spent the whole lunch time just for my keyboard by skipping my makan time! Well… I am not feeling really alright thus I rather spend my time to do some research and ease my stress off. I believe everything will have an answer and able to settle it. I must stand firm with my girl and I got a strong feeling: Don’t Worry. I wish for the best of everything and nothing can go wrong.

All is well and it will be fine! I must be cheerful always and be positive! Now is waiting for time to go for some shoot. Standing by to collect my 5D anytime! Haha. So long my Hassel! I miss it! Great cam! And, I am waiting for that to happen in my dry cabinet! And yes, my pinhole. Do something where no one really does it… I believe there’s but no much info online. lol

-And yes, I finally can post this blog when the net is alive!

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