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Wednesday, March 14

Damn, suddenly feel that my table is pretty messy now. Look like tmr night I had to do some clear up. Anyway, I wanna blog before I tuck in real soon. Its great to use this wonderful keyboard to type! Not only it is so silent, the feeling of typing it is really awesome! Cool!

I had got my equipment ready for my Coke Pinhole but I faced many serious stuff like how to let the negative hold onto the coke. I decided to use a copper as a 'holder' so that the negative will curve like the coke circumference. But it seem hard to get this done. I cut a hole on the coke with size of 2" x 1" which allow the pass through image from the pinhole to the negative. It act as a border. Now the part will be how to cover the film back tightly and not to let the light leak in. This is also need to include how to hold the spool for both side as well. I tend to use the most DIY way and less hardwork of doing this project of mine. This is also the reason make me want to try out as my own style. Less work, easy to do and final product will be cool.

Apart from that, thanks to Mr Andy because he tried to load in my 120mm BnW film on my rented Hasselblad and until today I realised that he loaded the film the other way! Both Bobby and him told me that by the end of the roll, there's a word "Exposed" which is printed on another long paper which is stick onto the negative, and then use water to stick the long paper onto the negative to prevent it from loosen up. Apparently, what I did earlier was to take the inner 'Exposed' paper and stick outisde which able to let it stick on it. Will there be any result? I aint sure. I will throw all my slide and B&W film which been develop to Mr Andy and the punishment for loading wrong side film is to scan my entire photos! haha.. this is really a hardwork for him! I don't care! Haha. That's the only price which he got to do.

Now I'm still waiting for my Canon 5D! Saw a couple of good Canon like 1DsMKII is on sell but costing 9K which is cheaper by almost half price! Hehe.. Shutter count.. hm.. this include the shutter count as well.

The poison of Medium Format is too strong. I had been searching for these cam over Buy n Sell forum at Clubsnap forum and ebay! Damn it... If I were to play film, next toy is scanner to scan my entire film. Espon V700 is good and the output is 'two thumbs up' which cost about 800+.

I pray for not poison too much and get my pinhole done fast! Next outing, HERE I COME! Ubin trip! hee

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