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Wednesday, February 21

With a wink of eyes, its already 4th day of Chinese New Year and everyone had returned to office and work. Life is like that without much of benefits from company and we shan't complaint too much because it is truly redundant.

I became photographer again on CNY for taking family photos at my grandma house. Maybe some of them feel amiss from her thus photo taking is a must. I shot everything RAW as not to jeopardise the entire shoot and of course everything went fine! Love the colors too.

I just want to shoot more for practise and understand my camera well enough. It seem like I know what I want already and not to anyhow spend the money. If I am able to rent or borrow etc, just let it be. There's no need to buy unless I got the enough cash for big project. Somehow, its in between the need and want/temptation! lol

Well... I guessed there's nothing much for me to blog regarding to these few days. :) All I can say that I am quite headache about the quotation which I need to submit for my client. Hoping to hear more good news ;)

Yesterday, I went movie with my girl at GV Plaza for the show: Protégé starred by Andy Lau, Daniel Wu, Louis Koo and Anita Yuen. Great show and its a must to catch as its all about drug related story. I love the way the movie is filmed and I am impressed about the script as well. The entire production: thumbs up from me. Eventually my girl and me were thinking shall we catch Epic Movie, felt that it doesn't worth it so much hence Protégé had been chosen. :)

A weird feeling is that I kinda had Deja Vu about this movie! Rather weird huh! Oh yeah, Zhang Jingchu really beautiful! Good acting too! And Louis Koo, OMFG!!! He look extremely gross in this show! I almost thought who the hell is he at first!!! Hahaha

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