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Thursday, February 8

This is really awesome! GPS system for PSP!

Seem good thou! Haha...

Lazy Thursday as I am feeling so god damn tired. I went back to Jean Yip yesterday after work to get my hair re trim since it is too long after the cut on Tuesday. Of course my stylist, Shiina, didn't charged me for the re trim as the policy of getting retrim the next day is still under FOC. But now... seem too short for me.. Weird.. well nvm.. what to do.

Sunday, cousin wedding and I am his 2nd photographer. Im not really so excited about it but fear I kept standing in a way for the main photographer, Tinydot. All I need to do is to watch him and observe and I shall try some Wedding Journalism style. I went to view A Better Bounce Card and learnt some cheap way to do a bounce card and yet effective. I will be making full use of it to try on the Sunday. I shall see how it goes by then.

Knowing the stingy of my cousin, I chose not to bother so much as this will greatly affect my feeling of not wanting to shoot it nicely. I am merely collecting it for my portfolio so I will try to put thing to heart. I think I use a very harsh word on my girl last night as I can't stand it due to certain sentences she used is far too not good. I chose to be like forget it... and will not remember so much... I just want to be a happy person and happy go lucky. Life will be easier upon going through your path. Just like the comic, Xiao Q, which I had borrowed from Huiwen, his pal named Shu Ma, so called a genius, also like to think alot. Things can be easier to solved but yet, due to too much of thinking, it make him can't get it straight out.

Think too much is far too headache so I shall always keep it in a simple way... Let it be and see how it goes... :p

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