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Friday, February 9

Streets of Philadelphia - Bruce Springsteen... Choose - Color Me Badd..

How many ppl really remembered these classic songs fall on the year of 90s? Mag and I recently had been cracking non stop joke about our sch life. We may studied in different school, but the trend is never about the distance which you wouldn't even know. I heard/ seen of people been talking of the past of their games, tv etc... But how about some Classics that fall for the 90s during your Primary to Secondary. I shall hereby share parts of stuff with you.

Hearing some of the familiar tune do make me smile and want to drop my tears. I can't explain the feeling why but this is the feeling I am typing now with old tune playing on my headphone now.

It is so funny to think back when life is so full of ignorant. I remember the hip period of people going after boy band like East 17, New Kids On The Board, Micheal Jackson, Micheal Learns to Rock etc... Not to forget the powerful song of Dreamlover - Mariah Carey! Haha... These are only part of the songs which make the 90s sounding feel so good even thou it is the year 2007 now.

I will never forget the naughty kids of us playing catching during recess time or even before school start in the morning. Or rather, the game that call One Leg. One leg is the capturer that had to hop around the designated area to touch the rest who is running so that the turn will be his/her. How life is easy without the computer at that time. To think it is about 486mhz back then and moving into the era of win95/ win98/ 2000 till now XP! How we survive with the HUGE floppy disk to play our 1D gaming! Hahaha

I shall touch on the famous stuff now! OUR LONG LOST PAGER! Motorola pager! Which is the freaking in thing back then! Once we see someone had a clip on their pocket, immediately its pager! To make sure it is much even obvious, it must be gold in color! Hahaha. Thats not all! As technology improves, the most happening model for Motorola will be MEMO JAZZ PAGER! It is so small that I bet everyone will like it back then. It is cheap to apply for it. Of course parent will scold us for:"You are not doing business and why you need?!" Standard answer:"You can find me easier what!" hahaha RIGHT?! Standard!

Soon, you heard the IN sound of arpeggio sound from Memo Jazz! And most famous color: YELLOW! Of course, for those who hold on to that pager, you know how many times on this button and that button to deactivate the sound or activate it (mainly the disturbing school mate will do that!) Haha.. Voicemail soon came in the trend of having your voice record in. Later come with HAVING your music record to your pager! I rem its about 20sec or so. Imagine those days you put ur handset to the radio speaker and record the sound? Talk or music, UP TO YOU! haha..

Of course, I am wondering who the hell invented the wonderful numeric to stand for some word! E.g. 532, 1 177155 2! hahaha One in mandarin and another is to word the word! If you can't read it, that's I MISS YOU! Of course!

Here's more:

Wo Xiang Ni, Wo Ai Ni, Wo Hao Xiang Ni, Wo Hao Ai Ni, Wo Xiang Ni Yi Sheng Yi Si Sheng Sheng Si Si! hahaha

748 - Go and Die
88798 - Dad went to bar!

I cant think anymore!

Of course, the most funniest word "STEAD". Youngster went to school not only to study but to have crush on girls or even wanna "KIA STEADY" (Go into Relationship). This is my Stead. I go to my Stead house. Come, let's kia steady. Hahaha... Then there's also thing like "Break lah Break lah!" Silent Break. Hahaha How many of you all remembered all these?!!!! Yeah.. beside STEAD, there's the famous word! "LAOGONG LAOPOR (60, 68)" HAHAHAHA

Oh the trend for sch uniform is to tuck in as tight as possible! Sharp comb, curry puff hairstyle like old Aaron Kwol, Andy Lau hairstyle! For the guys, there's Overlap hair style which you cut the inner part of your hair and having the side surface to cover the overlap. This is to escape from been caught! Yeah.. There's long fringe from the front, side and back! hahaha... Hair check is one of the best part of all when everyone will resort all kind of tricks like gel or even use Scotch Tape to TAPE the FRINGE! So call the front fringe will be like GOLDFISH! Hahahaha. I remember another hairstyle which everyone like:"STEP" haha... it is a ultra low slope which they cut a bit only! Hahaha

Not only that! 6% and 9% is damn in for ppl who wan to color their hair which cost $2.50 from pharmacy! haha Of course, certain area allow to sell to student! haha.. If you want lighter color :6%. Strong color: 9%! haha.. I remember I colored it with one whole night!!! Stupid!

Oh yeah! US Master shoe! No red line as told by the school! What we do? We use liquid paper to cover it! hahaha.. BATA BM2000! BEST SHOE EVER! How can you freaking forget that shoe! haha... High Sierra/ Umbro bag! yeah man!

Soon, it will be Internet Chat that you meet up your net friend and move into CYBER BF/GF! haahaa.. this is so funny to remember all these during ur sch days. I will not deny that shoplift is one of it that I did! Hehe.. Of course, past is past. We grown up! I remembered I shoplift to give the bear to a girl! hahahaha.. Oh sorry dear... dun get angry with it. I merely blog it to remember it! Haha I remembered its at Emporium @ Jurong East Central and the bear is forever friends bag. Well.. my frenz got condom, HL milk, pens, Versace spect etc! I remember going to a bookshop and my friend stuff all the pens to his pocket and we leave immediately straight to school for tuition! hahaha! I never forgot the situation that my frenz wore a Martial Art clothe and stuffed the thing everywhere! OH MY! Please do not follow such foot step!

Life is so normal... taking ur BMX out to cycle. Meet friends to play.. take bus around the places. Hang ard in sch look at girls. Haha.

I will never forget the fight of Normal Academic/ Technical against the Express students at concourse! As there are in thing for secret society, in our sch we form the gang as different level! I from 4n3 got slight beat like a tap by a guy from 4n5 and next came my frenz ask me I got beaten?! And the rest of the ppl joint to find the guy out and bashed him up! All this are for fun! No much injury cause. Next, I rem the express student came on and wanted to fight and realising the N(A) and N(T) joint to against them and some of them ran to gather more ppl. And there, the fight started like having a riot at CONCOURSE! Soon, sch teacher came and everyone flee while of course me act NOTHING HAPPEN by seating down!

oh.. before I forgot! How many of you all remembered the famous Ericsson handphone of 338?! hahaha.. For those who can't afford the 338 with buy 318 and change the casing to the almost lookalike 338! yeah.. you got the choice of having long antenna or short, whether if there's radiation so the bulb in it will lit up! Of course, you have the transparent casing so that you see more light and it will move when phone ring! You can have the choice of having the icon on your handphone display! I remembered having the 688 hp and have everything changed to transparent green with some rainbow feeling which is so AH BENG! But cool! Soon, I changed the casing back to original as I felt it look cool and of course alot of ppl followed too! I had button as original color in lime green and the screen to be bluish! how nice! How have alternate green blue light! hahaha..

Next come with the famous Nokia phone 8310 and 8250! There's a sudden trend about Operator Logo which you can buy the logo from this site call Iguana! You can create yourself or buy it with credit which you need to purchase it first! Back then IR is famous for sending Operator Logo! And, you gonna key in your own KEY SONG! haha.. There's even a booster to make it loud! When Starhub promote the free incoming call, everyone always hang up after saying"CALL ME!" Free what! And for some clever one will have 2 Sim card on a phone and you can activate one of the SIM card by turning off and on the phone. It will be alternate activation! haha..

What else what else can I say!!!! Apart from some games I know of... Sega, Nintendo, Marco Genius, Brick Game, Western Bar... hahaha...

My First ever PAGER!!!!

This is my 2nd pager of my life time!

My last pager! hahaha

I shall next try finding some of the handphone I used before!

One of my first handphone ever!

Its weird that I can't find Ericsson 318 and 388. Hee.. But I shall show the Nokia Hp I had before!

My 6110 phone

My 6610 phone

I shall said much abt the latest of SE K700i/ 750i and W810i! How time flies and changed the technology!

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