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Thursday, February 15

Need for Speed- Carbon is getting hard to play! To think I had been playing it for more than 10 times non stop! OMG! This is really tough! It pissed me off whenever my car got hit by those MF! Argh.. I will try hard enough.

Yesterday, I spent my V day with my girl walking ard shopping for New Year clothes. I had no idea what to buy, so I just grab and buy whatever I saw from Esprit, Giordano and Seiyu. I thought of buying Levi's jeans again but everything look almost the same and the design of that doesn't seem to impress me anymore. So I just bang my luck at Giordano! Woo! I got it! For a price of Levi's allow me to get 2 x jeans from Gior! I even became a member of theirs, cardless! All you need is to key in hp number only! Easy huh!

Damn the hot weather! I got a severe headache for no good reason and bad backache. We didn't really celebrate V day as we are so lovingly everyday so its V DAY each and everyday! hehe..

And also, I sent in my lens for repair to Cathay Photo Store at Tan Boon Liat Building. According to the person in charge, I should be able to collect back in 2 weeks time. Luckily that I still had my warranty on and left 3 more mths! Phew! Meanwhile, I also sold my sweetest lens, 35mm f2.0 to Ricky! I bet he is god damn happy obtaining that lens which he can mount it on his SLR! Literally WIDE! Coolios! I am looking at 17-55mm lens... and again... my thought of Canon still hang around in my mind. 5D... :(

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