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Thursday, February 22

I planning to sell my entire lens for a Nikkor 17-55mm because I wanted to get a S5Pro preferably. Thought Canon 5D is damn tempting, but the cost wise is not able to balance out for me. Kinda sad. But fret not, 1DMKIII is out but the only sad thing of this cam is not a FULL FRAME. Cost will be cheaper. So, which you prefer? A full size lookalike of 1DsMkII or you want a Full Frame cam? hehe

I didn't know the Project Superstar 2, Diya is in my MSN! LoL. This is so weird that all along I knew her and yet not knowing her name is Diya until just now I browsed through my MSN pals. haha..

I done the quotation and portfolio. Awaiting for client approval. Pray hard.

Kelvin made a boo boo this time. His friend in the end want a photo and video montage! Not a photographer as according to her that she got the photographer as a full package and funniest was Kelvin was told that his friend want a photographer. Look like the miscommunication is really a big boo boo. Well.. depend thou.... I shan't bother so much and hoping for the major project to start and kick the ball rolling. ;)

Super good luck is needed!!!!

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