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Wednesday, February 7

I pity my pal get arrested for nothing and been known for a mistake by SCDF. Apparently, his name appeared to be as one of the AWOL name list during the Road Block 2 days ago. He had no choice but been under arrest. SCDF was informed to this situation and sent Military Police to investigate the problem. The total time damage was 19 hrs without food, drink and not even a sleep. How can someone sleep in peace thou. I was told by him that he was called as a deserter! How rude can they be!

End up, SCDF found that they made such a terrible mistake! My pal indeed AWOL due to mis look for the call up but he had paid that off. Suspiciously that I felt the SCDF admin did not do a proper job and make him as one of the AWOL personnel. Furious of my pal want to get the situation down to bottom. He wanted to write to complaint to SCDF, MP, Minister and even media. I shall wait and see how it will be. This is such a terrible mistake the SCDF had made. If he wasn't been caught, he will put on AWOL personnel for a long time! This is HOW sad the way the admin worked. It got my pal mom so worried and the losses for his own company. No wonder he wasn't online yesterday and this explains.

Beside that, my sister and her friend had set up their own wedding small gifts like pillow, box and for 'Jie Mei' wrist corsages. Their website is Eden of Love. Wish them good luck! And rem to find them if you got any needs. ;)

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