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Monday, February 12

I had finally got the photos in order! Basically, after 2 mths of asking why in Blogger Help, I finally got my answer for that. I need to put in the code of < br clear = right/ left> in order to get it right. Look like I need to re change the style of posting my caption from flick. Nevertheless, this is great relieved!

Today is a tough day to go through as I am ultra tired from yesterday wedding assignment which is my cousin's. I am his 2nd wedding photographer and Yu Sing (tinydot) is his main. I learnt a lot from his and check out his workflow. He held a Canon 5D camera with several lenses. Most of the time he shot it with ambient lightning and try to prevent any flash as to get into the mood. This is quite interesting to see how he shoot and the videographer control the newly wed. In fact, I will say that these 2 are the main director for the entire wedding as they need to guide them and capture the very moment.

I slept for only 3hr before I set off to my cousin house on Sunday morning which is located at Sengkang! Thanks to my bro in law ride! I started some of the shoot in the morning and help out a little with all what I can before everyone of us head to the bride house. They had 2 MPVs which is enough to hold the entire people and I am lucky to hop on one of the newly MPV which is Toyota something. Didn't know the door is auto to lock by itself! Just a gradual push or pull and it auto close and open! To think I use ALL my strength to do that! argh.

When we arrived the place, I began to feel nervous as I am kinda the extra photographer which the main and the videographer might think who am I! Haha.. Of course we end up joking a little by end of the day. I am glad to meet Yu Sing and Dino.

This is sure a good practical tutorial to learn yesterday! You got to know the plan and how to control and of course how you wanna shoot it. I tried a little of journalistic style. End result: Not so bad! haha.. I transferred the entire photos to my portable hdd and view it in the office. I am so glad and relieved of course! I began to love my S3pro even more. Eventually, I should get a Canon 5D later and invest on a len first. 5D is sure a good camera but with the cost of that, I don't think I should get it. 4.3K for a body, $760 for a flash and $2399 for a f2.8 24-70 len. Hardcore huh! So, I will think for a faster len which is Nikkor 17-55mm. It will cost 2.1K which is good! But I shall see how it goes as I be selling off my 35mm and the rest of the lens to get the range that I want.

Something that I need to report about yesterday which isn't smooth at all! My SB800 literally HANG ON ME! Weird huh! It hang?!!! Damn! Next, my Tokina 17mm can't focus at all! End up, while my gf trying to keep my len, there's sound in the len like something had fallen off! AH!!!!.. But much weirdo! It can FOCUS when I tried again at night! OH DEAR! Isn't that amazing? Look like I need to pay a visit at CP for servicing! Disappointed that the news I heard from the sales guy saying there's no more 17mm... So I should think .. how.. Got to find the warranty and see how man.

I shall keep a lookout for the lens... Was thinking for the MacBookPro also as Lionel quote me a great deal when I visited him in the shop at Funan. Too bad for my 8gb CF card ain't here yet. And at the same time, I sent the photos for developing at KT which most of them belong to my sister. I did develop some of mine too and of course I am very happy with the end result! Too bad I clear forgotten to bring home from work as I collected today! To think I placed the bag on the floor before leaving! I must be over tired! That explain! I can type the word "PHOTOG..." and the rest of the word "RAPHER" literally appear in my mind to finish the word! WAHSEY!!!! I can't imagine how tired I am! 2 coffee per day isn't that strong for me. Look like I must get use to it as I respect some of the guys lead such kind of life! Respect! I shall turn in earlier tonight as rest is important for me. Of course I got to do some of the photo touching I took yesterday and hoping to send the zip file to my cousin for selecting the photos as I can go for developing.

Oh.. I did order Adobe Lightroom as well! Partly for job as it is easier to navigate unless I want further touch up and that will be on Photoshop CS II. Hope to get the product soon! Costing: $310 w gst.

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