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Friday, February 9

I got addicted on gaming! I can't resist my PSP at home or even at work! Though I had finished the Godfather: Mob Wars, I started playing my Grand Theft Auto- Vice City Stories, but halfway I wanted to play some racing games hence I delete the games off from my Mem stick. Now, Im a full time gamer for my Need for Speed Carbon! Haha.. In such a short period, I got into 27% completed and I truly love my Evo VIII! After playing for so many times per race, it got me into another level for skill playing! Incredible! I hoped to finish the race soon so that I can play Most Wanted and back to Grand Theft Auto. I am such a happy person with my PSP!

I also want to change my theme setting as I saw some of the ppl change their's too. But I had difficulties understanding what is it and how... so I really hope someone is willing to share the theme of his to me! hehe...

Everything is like a dream now. Kelvin's friend is going to Australia and had to give up his R1 and put me as sub rider. After a thought with my gf and JJ advises, I decided to give that up because it is still not my bike. Eventually, I am paying 1 year for the bike itself and the person need not to pay anything. Of course, Kelvin said that if I want to give up, the person will be glad to get it back his own bike if I ride for more then a year. It is kinda like my own bike but on insurance paper, bike still belong to his. If I ride a year with the cost of $360 per mth, I paid 4K plus which is equivalent to almost the same amt of cost if I had my own bike. Just that I skip the down payment and insurance.

So, I decided not to get it. $360 x 12 mth and gotta add in engine oil, season car park, petrol, cash card and maintainence will give me up to $500. For a overall count of cost: MacBookPro is about $291 x 12mth and a Canon 5D about $350 x 12mth. And also the cost of my Roland JP8000 $910. I was thinking of fixing that and it get it on sale for 1.5K if anyone still want. Not that I am asking for too much but the patch is all preloaded with all Vengeance sound set and newly motherboard of v2.0. Isn't that a good deal? If not, I keep the money for future usage.

I am just sad that I am unable to fulfill my dream. If not, the last resort will be borrowing from Kelvin if he do not mind it at all, but of course with Insurance paid. I wouldn't want to jeopardise my license! I'm still feeling very sad about it.

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