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Monday, February 26

Decision is made for me to switch over from Fuji to Canon 5D. I finally sold my lenses and flash as well. Now leaving me with only the camera body, Fuji S3pro and 17mm Tokina Prime Lense. Hoping to get it sell soon. Thanks for the buyer purchased my stuff recently. Truly glad to get know all of you.

Thanks Shee Mun for treating the entire audio team for lunch today at Magic Wok. Had our fill with the fabulous meal which cost $288 and of course we had our Loh Hei as well. As usual as like last year, Wanting start the ball rolling by saying those who is attached will walk on red carpet and those single will be attached. Of course, no more nasty client, all good and our bonus as well too! Million of thanks for the wonderful coll and we do really enjoy the food!

We had lunch for 1 and a half hour and mid way back to Riverwalk, heavy downpour welcome us and we got stucked at Funan IT mall. Thanks to Wanting and Mag went back to office and get more umbrellas for the rest of us.

While the first few of us, SM, Norimah, Alex and me were heading up to level 1 to take the lift, we saw fireman dashing downstair and not knowing whats going on. When the rest of the ppl came by, curiosity flying around our head and we head to one corner and see what's going on when we were at level 2. Wanting, Alex and me went to level 1 and check it out but we can't seem to see whats going on and weirdo that we didnt went out to see as its still raining.

After 30min had passed, all of us got to know that one of the guy who always sat by the lift near the shop wanted to take the lift and not knowing it is under servicing. As the the door opened, he walked in and landed himself down to basement and bear that in mind, there's no lift at that time due to servicing! How can such tragic happen and the lift isn't there when the door is open!

It took the heroes quite a long time before they can get the guy out from the basement floor. Luckily it was a open air lift and they are able to see everything by the sunlight. Due to there's allowance for the lift to stop at the basement, the fireman need to put the injured guy up first. Not knowing what's wrong, all of us including manager stayed to watch the entire process. The clever experience SCDF used the ladder as a lever to pull the guy up. There I saw the guy sat on the chair been tied up with rope to ensure the safety while pulling him up from the basement space. Slowly, they lay him on the ground and carried him to the ambulance. He was protected with some sort of cushion which to support his back spine.

I hereby really wish he is out of danger. Everyone applauded to the fireman for such a hardwork by pulling the injured guy up. Also, I saw the old auntie and uncle sat on the chair awaiting for their son been saved by the SCDF. As a mother, you should know how painful her heart is when her son faced such a danger. All I can say that the old woman is pretty old and around the age of 60+. And the injured is about 30+ and kinda having mental unstable. And yes, we saw his shirt is full of blood below his neck as the shirt is white color.

Now, no one ever dare to take the lift now and it was shut down after the incident. Hoping that the engineer can fix the lift soon especially the program. It is the most stupid lift of all when you pressed the button on 4th floor and the lift can travelled up from B1 though there's lift on 3rd floor. I didnt dare to take pic as Im no near the scenario.

We told all coll due to this incident and yet I was been called for 'kaypoh' when I mentioned its curiousity. 'Kaypoh' is busybody! Even said that do we need to see when something happen? My god.. where is sensitivities from her? All of us there very conern about the situation thus stay put not kay poh. We even told the rest to be careful not to go in the lift blindly as there might be no lift at all! (Just like those drama show that you seen. Now, I don't think its ever funny)

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