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Monday, January 22

This is very truthful of becoming at full time or freelance photographer. All you need to do is to balance everything out and see what you want and what to go for.

The past weekend caused me to have a big hole on my pocket. I wanted to buy a line conditioner as mentioned by Daniel from Sinamex which will prevent the surge from my electrical socket. Daniel did a check on my Monster Cable and found out that there's no leaking and no pop sound created from when he tried to plug in and out from the KRK speaker in the showroom. End up, I got the wonderful answer saying that good cable is more sensitive to noise, thus pop sound is heard. My lower model of cable actually doesn't create any pop sound at all! Isn't that a weirdo scenario?

End up, I went straight to Sim Lim Tower after getting the name card from Daniel which he recommend me the shop at Sim Lim Square. Don't ask me why I go tower! In fact, usually regarding to these, Tower is the only place I will go to. Yet, when I went to the shop, I tally it with the photocopied name card and it was wrong. Brat... How could I missed that Square wording? So, I tried not to waste my trip to Tower and got myself the solder iron which cost me $6.50.

Next up to Sim Lim Square and finally found the shop and got my qtn answered. The guy seem not happy when I wanted a plug instead of Rack Mount. Kaoz. I don't mind getting it but I got no place to mount the Rack Mount Line Conditioner! Anyway, it cost $200 and a total of 9 outputs from the Phonic Line Conditioner which prevent the Surge. I went on searching at Sim Lim Square and found a few plug like the home appliances but the cost is quite high. As I needed for my room, I do not need such a fanciful stuff like Video Denoiser and 8 plug mentioned the DVD, TV etc and the phone line. All these are to prevent surge and I strongly recommend ppl to get it as the surge is no kidding whenever there's lightning and the moment you turn on the light. Monster Plug cost about $299. Incredibly that I found this price at 2nd floor and yet the 1st floor cost $300+! Damn! Oh. I found speaker stands which cost $250 a pair. An ideal height that I always wanted.

Ok, by the end of the day at Sim Lim Square, I didn't get the line conditioner since it is costly and there's no electrical shock from my speaker now, so I intend to live with it till I got the money to get a better one which Zan recommend, Furman. Damn hell that he told me it cost $400+! Yah.. exp but come with anti surge, power stabilizer to maintain it and denoiser etc... and to think he told me to look out at Sim Lim Square. Sighs... I shall save up then!

Of course, I got my RCA connector too to re solder my new cable which I need to shorten it from my Soundcard Breakout box to my mixer. Cost $5.50 each. Last but not least, I got my SATA II hdd of 500gb and managed to get it at $315 with 2% admin charge from CC. I compared to one shop that sold $318! So I think I got a better deal and best part is I do not have much cash so I intend to use CC for payment.

After which, I went to Huiwen house to get some comic books from her house and saw the sickly little looking girl! Hahaha... She lost 4kg due to operation. Rest well!

Immediately I went home and tried to fixed my hdd and transfer my files over night which took me 2 days to transfer everything. I will then have 3 hdd and 500gb for Songs/ Video, 250gb for Photos and Music Production and 200gb for my entire C drive. Wonderful!

Oh... I managed to solder well enough for my cable, it works fine! Hurray for my 1st attempt after Grad from my Sch! haha. Of course, I did a test and everything works fine.

Tonight, I'll be formatting my computer and get the fresh look window and everything re install. I HATE THIS procedure!

I wish for Intel Xeon chip! haha... Ytd, I was at Epic @ Apple at Wheelock place and saw the Cinema Display which cost $1179 and with the 0% interest for 24mth, each mth $45+! Isn't that great?! Im tempted but kept telling myself, DO I NEED THAT? Argh! Now my girl said she wanted a Laptop and I rather she get a Mac so I can use as well! Why bother for PC when you can get a Mac and I can use it if there's a need, right? But the cost is too high about $175 per mth for a $3488 Mac Book Pro. Sigh... DUN THINK ABT IT!

At the same time at the shop, a dad asking his daughter whether this 20" iMac the one she wanted and that is for her BIRTHDAY PRESSIE! To think that she is so pampered at the age of around 12yr old, I reckon? Damn.. I saw the calculator had the digit number of 234.++ which I reckon is the mthly instalment. Sigh... what the... oh damn... nowsday... and yet we working adult had to think so much for a computer or even a $50 worth of whatever. Damn. Kids are living with great luxury nows day.

Of course, while waiting for my dearie, I took out my PSP and sms her using the wireless network from Starhub! Great and fun man! Coolios! I began to love my PSP even more because it can work more than what I think of. Oh.. playing with Word search now and addicted! Haha Of course, this is to train my eye for individual small segment. Cool huh! I wanted to play my Grand Theft Auto Vice City soon!

Cinema Display.... Dell... I think... Mac is the best! My pal confirmed with me that Cinema Display compatible with PC! OH DAMN!!! Shit!

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