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Tuesday, January 16

Suddenly, I felt everything resume normally! Why? The reason is pretty simple. First, Zan taught me how to rectify my monitor speaker as it had 'Pop' sound whenever I turn on the light from another room.

In order to check the how the 'POP' sound came from, you have to first take out the audio cable from the monitor speaker and left only the electric cable on. Turn on the speaker only. Make sure the rest of the plug ain't on too. By then, try to turn on and off the light from any other room to ensure there's no 'Pop' sound at all. As I tried a few times, there's really no sound at all! Thus, I plug in the audio cable to my monitor speaker and turn on the power. But, to my disappointment, the 'Pop' sound persist! I tried many ways to rectify the problem but still, there's sound after all.

Next, I realised that the audio cable had its Signal Flow direction! Damn... I must had plug to the wrong side so I tried to plug in the direction of the signal flow towards the speaker since thats the end output. Useless is what I can said! End up, I decided to take up another Monster Cable which I had, and plug to my mixer and speaker. Wow! There's no sound when I on the light from the room, and I quicken my pace to my mom's room and turn on the light! NO SOUND! I am so happy for the overall result and sms Zan about it. And the conclusion will be the connector problem. Since, I had put the audio cable far from the electrical source, there shouldn't be any sound but yet it still persist. So, Zan analyze and told me that part of my cable is not shielded at all. It was only shielded on the rubber side and not the expose side which connected to the connector head. He told me to get the connector shield and wrap around and see if it works. If not, it could be the cable problem. So, I decided to bring my cables down to Sim Lim Square and ask the person to do for me. At the same time, I had to ask the person to redo the RCA connector for me as sometime the sound suddenly gone silent. Its high time to maintain my cabling.

However, I am truly sad that the Monster Cable that persist the problem is Performer 500 which is much better then the one Im using now, Performer 100. To think I had spend a fortune for my cabling. I got an idea that if the problem cannot be solve, I will try to plug these cables to my syth and get a new pair of DIY cables to connect from Mixer to Speaker. That will be a great choice.

After which, my mom came back and tried several times for the light and confirmed that there's no 'Pop' sound at all. Of course, I smiled but curse and swear on my beloved cables. Eventually, the cables itself really matters on the sound as been project out from the speaker. Now... by using the thinner cable, the sound wasn't as bright as like last time. But due to the safety, I guess, that's the only way.

Next, I went online and rectify the problem for my Blogger as I cannot edit my post. Blogger Buzzer, whom a Blog Employee is there to help out everyone who had problem. At first, Blogger Buzzer thought my blog is ok as I didn't mention I cannot edit my post. The solution is to use another computer. However, I replied saying that I am currently using another PC, work and home, the problem is still the same. And I didn't received any news from them until I went to the Help Discussion site again this morning. Blogger Buzzer mentioned that my blog is good to go! After checking on both Firefox and IE, no problem! I can finally EDIT MY POST!!!! Yeah! Thanks Blogger Buzzer! You are in great help! Now, my blog is best view on both IE and Firefox!

Not to mention another great things, I decided not to buy MacBookPro since Kelvin is lending me. I decided not to buy camera of Canon 5D since the money had not roll in. I decided not to get the LCD screen since I wanna save it and buy monitor calibration. I intend to get Eye-One Display 2 which cost about $399 from Bits and Bytes company. But, got to pre order and collect on Saturday. I am thinking about it now.. hehe. Wanted to borrow from Lawrence but quite embarrass to keep on borrowing things. Maybe I shall buy my own.

And also, I finally finished my Sister's AD photo and will be sending it for photo developing. At the same time, I got to develop some of mine too! LOL. On 11th Feb, I will be the 2nd photographer for my cousin wedding in par with Tinydot. Hehe.. got to make myself known to him too. Hehe...

Kelvin will also be discussing with me regarding to some job related in future venture so that both of us will earn which is good. I hope for the best of everything. Now, my dearie is awaiting for her TP session and I wish her good luck to go for that day since it had been chosen since then though she hoped for Tuesday or Wednesday as its her official off day. I need to monitor on Comfort Driving Centre for the test date. She be going for her 2nd lesson of car learning. LOL.. good luck baby! Drive more and be safe, of course be more alert! keke

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