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Saturday, January 13

Still no news about the update of bug from Blogger. It seem like this kinda pissed alot of ppl recently. Only hope that they are able to rectify the problem soon.

This week can be a tough and easy going due to Im busy with the photos from client and yet nothing much to do. The client again and again requesting the photos as both Keith and me were getting pissed with them. Each time as they request, there's bound to have new pattern! So I told Keith to email them back and stating what do they actually want so as to cut the number of photos been rejected. I felt that we were really working with idiotic that cannot even email us back telling the requirement needed when they kept happily reject the photos again and again when we sent it many times. Why must we sound out then these ppl realise? Omg. Peace!

Friday had a great time with Mariam, Charlene (our new intern), Keithe and Mag as we head to Central, where is it located diagonally from our workplace, to enjoy the Long John Silver for lunch! Next, we even head up to Starbuck for coffee! Incredible and I love such feeling!

Today, Saturday. My table arrived early as stated via phone, 10am. The assembly is fast and neat. Of course, I am very happy with the thorough result of my chair. Look good! The dismantling of stuff from my other room to this new one isn't easy. I thought of taking the photos but realising I had no much time for it. Of course, cabling clean need to be done and that goes to rest of the equipment like CRT monitor, my soundcard breakout box, mixer etc... Next is laying them on table to see they are suitable or not.

After that, computer cables ought to fix up so, that already took me 2hrs to do it because of going through the holes and make sure it is nice enough. The cable management for this table is very good as the entire look of my desk is so neat! I went to my pal house before, looking on the floor filled with all the cables covered with thick layer of dust. He is just having a LCD monitor, USB port and CPU. He do not have the audio cables too. I will not imagine it thou.

After I had lay the audio cables, electrical cables come next. Just nice that my dad is home and he is able to help me with it. Got some ideas from him and manage to do it within an hour and all these ain't easy! The last part will be my audio cables which I had to be extra careful thou. And finally, everything done! Of course, after fixing up the mixer and cables, bound to have problem with the sound that is not right. So, after 1/2 hr of troubleshooting, yes! I can now type my blog happily on my new table with the chair! Oh! Just realise that my singlet and the chair shared the same color! How coincidence! LOL

I can't take the photo now as 1/2 of the room is still packed with my sister stuff which she had to clear off soon no matter what. So, for a meantime I can't connect my syth to my mixer as both of them are not in the same side. I am very proud to have my bedroom studio set up! And also, I still have no idea where I can place my JomoX Drum machine so I will only set up when I in need! haha


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