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Friday, January 26

Seem like there's no much news about the problem of my html photos posted in the Blogger. I'm really began to wonder why? Or should I just leave it as it is by posting one by one? Sigh. I do hoped for the neat blog lookout but it doesn't seem to be.

Anyway this week is sure a moderate busy. I got to start up with my program for Rock channel and at the same time headache about the Chinese Classical tune which able to let me use in mind free and of course, photos. Luckily Mariam managed to find some of the CDs for me from Amazon and Singapore Chinese Orchestras. Among of these, I did checked up their photos and managed to order everything via net. Everything had to be charged to Company account as this is for the program that I needed for. Within 3 days, I finally received the stuff from SOC and 2 CDs from Amazon. I requested for fast post because the latest I can get is around 40days which I feared that I am not able to submit the program list for my client, hence I asked Sandy for confirmation that I needed that express delivery. Stated on the paper, Amazon will send everything in different parcel but the shipping cost will be the same at no additional cost. I am truly glad that they did that for me. Rock on!

Next, I injured my back when I tripped myself over the cables at Teresa table! The pain at my lower part of my back is unbearable! It is like the vein had been pulled and strained. A lot of ppl told me this is serious, better get it massage lest for the future relapse. I will head for massage tmr to ease my mind.

Been doing the recording for video side as the client PRA announcement had changes. This is for the safety video which all airline should have because this is a must to watch the video on board of the plane. It took us 2 days to finish the entire recording thou. May was involved with the Cantonese and English speaking, of course Keith and me did wear her out. This presentation is totally different from others because it should be strict and forceful, rather then been cheerful or what so ever. LOL

At the same time, I had been installing my stuff to my new 200gb hdd and it is not easy afterall! Lots of stuff to get it done and for all of my Music Productions plugin, I had to eliminate for those that I had not been using. There's no point having all of them in it when I do not use them. This goes for my freeware VST too. Now, Im kinda tidy up my samples and place them in the proper folder. At first, I would like them to be in the drum, snare, crash etc... but this is so pain in the ass! I decided to make it as what I took out from RAR and name it that as the folder. I guess, the samples in my drive is making my hdd full also. Time to find a new home for them. My beloved samples.

Talking about beloved, my dearly Roland JP8000 is doomed. As the technician is unable to figure the sound, all of them suggested a new mobo. Of course, before I want it, the cost is a must to know. After waiting for almost 2 mths, finally today I got a called from Swee Lee Music Company. Isn't that funny that I received their call soon after 10min I called them? Anyway, the quotation for the new motherboard is $910 which include the shipping and GST. Its almost half the price for a brand new JP8000. I see no point having that to do since everything is in software nows day. Hence, I might take that as my MIDI interface for the ADSR etc... or give away... Its an old freak syth which is once a god syth for every Electronic Producer. Now... it is a wrecked old fart syth which can't work anymore. Its about time.

I would rather spend the money for my Cinema Display thou. Its painful to see the money gone just like that, isn't it?

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