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Thursday, January 4

Im glad that everyone of us enjoyed the trip to Bangkok, even though when the bomb was triggered off near the central part of BKK. Police amd ambulance siren were heard non stop on the New Year night. Of course, the feeling of hearing that wasn't that good as thought that there might be much chaos. Quite sad that the New Year celebration at Bangkok were cancelled by the Bomb Squad fearing that there's more bomb to be found.

Other than that, not much of chaotic scene were seen on the street. Everything resume normal the next day. Just that the security is much tighter then before.
We did covered the most of where we wanted to go like Pratunam Market, Chatuchak Market, Sampeng Market, Suan Lom Market, Platinum Mall, MBK and Chinatown. Since most of the these places were opened on the weekend, without much of hesistation, we shoot anywhere to cover it till on the 3rd day we had no idea where to go.

The place we stayed at was along Rajaprarop Road Makkasan. With about 10min of walk, we reached Indra Square and then head up to Pratunam Market. This is indeed shopping paradise for everyone! Pratunam Market is a next MUST GO market fall on the shopping trip. You should not try to miss that out. After covering with so much at the market, the next attacking will be Platinum Mall which is newly open not long ago. Most of the wholesale stuff can be bought over there! Beside, especially for girls, there's about 100+ shops in the entire mall! Each unit is small but lots of variety depending what you want to get. All I can say that it will took you a long time to find back the shop where you bought it intially. So, do rem to check that the shirt, skirt are all in good condition and correct size. As my girl got the wrong size and mistaken it to be free size, we went back on the last day to get it change. Luckily that my sister wanted to go back for last min shopping on the last day and both of my sister and girl end up buying more things before they found back the shop by luck.

Another good clean place to visit will be Suan Lom which open around 5pm or later for most of the shop. It is much cleaner then the rest of the market and of course, most of the goods were expensive as they took it from wholesales. The price can differ about twice the price. So, if you think that you might not go to any of the market again after visiting it, and yet saw it at Suan Lom, I suggest you to get it lest you regret not buying it. And of course, I got my Japanese look lamp from Suan Lom and got a incredible price about 250 baht. But I do not seem to see any of the lamp that I got from Suan Lom at other market. Phew!

While we were at Chinatown, we come by one of the shopping centre name Merry Kings. Internally, it look like early 90s type of shopping centre. The entire feeling of the shopping centre is weird as there's no aircon and not much of walk in customer. As we head up to 3rd and 4th floor, we were astonished by the outlook of the floor! Part of the stuff were left empty and they use clothes to hang on the empty booth to cover the emptiness. As we walked on to another floor, 1/2 of the area were empty and there are only 1-2 workers working at that time and there's only us walking around. Really wonder how can they survive after all. Somemore, the cashier had LCD screen! Haha. Anyway, we decided not to move on further lest to find more empty booth, we head down to head off to White Orchid hotel.

There's another old OG type of shopping mall not far from Merry King which had the aircon (phew). We went in and bought some stuff from there like bags and shoes. I guess most of the places were about to close down because they had no new stock for shoes and my girl just bought it since the price is so cheap. Imagine $16 for both high heel. Incredible huh!

Soon, we head down one of the market call Sampeng Market which is a narrow lane with the covered on top of the houses. The stretch of road was so narrow that you really have to squeeze urself through every pace, and also, be careful of the bags if you are holding it. Pickpockets were everywhere and easy been targetted down as it is so squeezy. Though the lane is very crowded, the ppl there generally nice as they do not anyhow shout. In fact, if you want to get a cheap wholesale products, there is a nice place to visit. I saw alot of Hello Kitty stuff in the big shop. But, beware of the jam.

Finally after the crampy lane, we walked up to a bigger space which is parallel to the Sampeng market. Further on that we walked, my parent bought some stuff along the street from the chinese provision shop. We were quite near to White Orchid Hotel and finally found the resturant that we can rest and had our fill with seafood. The most important food that we must have is the Shark Fins and Bird Nest. Finally ate it.. happy of course!

The day before the good food, we had MK for dinner and we really order non stop! The total bill is just 700+ baht which is about S$30+. This is a meal for 6ppl! Of course, the most happiest person is me as Im been craving for a long time. Healthy and good!

The only missing part that we didnt go is the Floating Market as the timing is too tight. But we did covered whatever places we want. Except for the famous Patpong, Nakhon Kasem, known in English as the Thieves Market. Other then that, most of us had great fun seeing much more. I seen more of BKK this time then I came last year.

The biggest and most wonderful will be Chatuchak as this is the first time ever I walked in there to shop! Haha... Not to forget that my bro in law, mom, dad and me had foot massage at Suan Lom on the 3rd day. Great! Haha.. Thought there's only 1 shop at Suan Lom but end up they had so many branches around Suan Lom.

The most interesting part will be the LV coin pouch! Which the girl can discount for us from 250baht to 50baht! haha.. I guess they badly wanted to sell it off on the New Year Eve. I seen 1 foreigner been held by the Thai ppl and persuade the foreigner to buy and kept discount it every 10baht! Haha..

Another will be one of the foreigner insist not to go from one of the shop saying the guy is selling expensive then Chatuchak and even requested help from his friend through the phone saying it was overpriced. Furthermore, the foreigner can actually sat on the chair with the clothes and not attempting to go off. My gf said good luck to him.... Poor thing.

The next memorial will be the Tuk-Tuk which my mother wanted to sit it for a long time. I had to make sure that everything had been settled properly before I can ensure my mother board on. She almost board it when the price is not match yet. And also, when the rest had moved off, the driver suddenly off engine saying he needed free gasoline. With the different language conversation, I find hard to understand and say ok ok. While travelling, my mother of course been very happy but yet I knew the guy is up to no good. Once I draw my cam out, he stopped and said he can take photo for us. Of course I dun mind, if he ever wanna steal, pls give my CF card back.

He told me to take his driver seat and he shall take the photo for us. My mom said no no no to the guy and end up the photo itself showing her with a V! Puiz..

Next, the guy eventually sent me to tailor shop and finally I understand that he wanted me to go in and walk then come out. He is despo for free gasoline as I kept saying I do not want to go in. He almost cry out and with much of the disappointment that I insist no. Saying that I had to go airport later and the rest were waiting for us at the mall. He said sorry to us and I know he is upset and angry about it. I offered to give more baht as to send me back. My mother kept pulling my shirt tightly and felt so scared that something will happen to her. LOL. Got to thanks the guy for sending us back and I kept my promise by giving him 100baht though it cost onlt 30baht when we initially agreed on. Safety is important.

It is quite sad that I cannot find my Burberry wallet. Guess I got to.. maybe buy a geniune. Hehehe. You see any type of shop at BKK and Platinum mall is the only mall that announce from the speaker that no photographing is allow. So, better keep it as I thought there is too many of the pirated stuff. Haha..

I bought notes holder for the guys and nice printed bag (all kind of food design) for the gals in the office. Hehe... All of them like it alot. Haha

I guess, the next time we going for another family trip, it is advisable to get a Walkie Talkie. At least we were able to contact each other when we got off at different point. Most of the transport that we took were Cab and of course it don't cost that much as compared to Singapore. And we even had to verbally talk abt the pricing and see if they allow to charge by meter. Most of the time we took were with meter on.

I respect most of the Thai ppl living near the town as they were trying very hard to learn English as to communicate with the tourists. One of the cab driver we met able to speak good english and simple fluent Japanese language. Not to forget the market ppl who understand English as well. They rock big time! One of the shop that we patronise for the bag consist of many design and the girl understand Mandarin! But she chose not to answer back haha. Feel good to hear that she can understand it.

In the entire overall stay, I quite like Ibis Siam as we were not too far away from the town. The breakfast is good and terrific. But sad to say all of us do not stay in the same level. Only my sister and hubby stayed on level 8 as they cannot stand the smell of the ciggie when they got room initially which is on the same level as us. But only Veron and me were beside my parent's room. So we can take care of them.

Another thing will be the TG flight which took off smoothly from Changi and landed damn smooth at Thailand which is the first ever smooth flight I took in my flight. But the only complaint will be the TG boarding music when the plane is about to land. Because the music been played sounded too heavy for us though it is classical music and imagination of mine kept running wild that something might happen. This is not a good sign to put such music which make the passengers nervous. I will make a complaint about it by sending email to them for such feedback.

Next will be the photos that I shall put it in here.

Of course my dear is happy in the morning! LOL

Always like to take such photo in the plane

Lovely Sky

Thanks to this driver for sending us from airport to hotel. :)

This is how our room look like... Nothing compared with HongKong hotel. hehe

Figuring how to cross the road. If you dun act fast, you can forget about crossing it. Daring is the word.

Sleeping on the street... Poor thing

No refoud? hehe

Along Pratunam Market.

Walking further up will be Platinum Mall.

This is Platinum Mall. As no photographing is allow in the building, I wouldnt be able to show much of it.

Finally MK! One of my favourite food at BKK. Entire meal cost only 700+ Baht which cost S$30+ only.

Of course, we had our fill at MK! Everyone is satisfied with it.

Mon and Dad enjoying the breakfast. hehe

Sis and Bro in law

My girl and me

Our American breakfast buffet at Hotel.

Suddenly, I like the composition of this. haha

Chatuchak Market

I think my mom shirt color does blend in with the pottery in there. haha

To be frank, I do wish to own them! Haha


One of my fav shop of all..

My pretty cutesy girl

Wash your hand and face with the water to bring you more luck after praying.

Devotees praying to 4 faced Buddha at Ewana Shrine.

Similar to our Orchard Rd. And also this is where the bomb went off nearby.

My parent do enjoy their food.

One of our group shoot taken by the manager in the Restaurant. As this is the first time the manager uses the DSLR, the focusing is bound to out. lol

Chaotic traffic, however everyone don't anyhow horn unless necessary.

Photo turn out not bad. But sad to say, the focus is at MBK instead of US! My dear O sister!!!

Cute huh! Hahaha.. Got it from Chatuchak Market.

Night time at Suan Lum market

Hard Rock Cafe at Siam Square which look like Causeway Bay thou.

Ages since we had our A&W meal...

God damn empty when we reached level 4. Wondering how the workers can earn. The high you go up, the lesser the stuff they had.

This street is actually parallel to Sampeng Market.

One of my favorite photo on kids as they were having fun hoping together and see who get the furthest. I do not intend to go to the front lest they run away from the camera.

Another of my favorite photo... Small umbrella with big shadow.

This is also my best photo as patron was looking at the police riding the bike while the soldier is looking at my angle.

They were by the roadside.... washing FISHES! haha

Where they cook the food.

Of course, we rather enjoy the Shark fins meal with bird nest. Yummy!

Silhouette of the stone house and the Ferris wheel. Love this pic alot.

The Tuk-Tuk driver took the photo for me riding it. And if he ever ran away with my cam, PLS RTN CF CARD TO ME! Though my mom is scare, she still can show a V sign.. alamak.

Awaiting for Travel Agent to pick us up. Don't waste any time by resting well.

They always do that and end up look good! Like this photo alot!

New Airport at BKK. Compared to the past, its really a HUGE CHANGE!

This is an aircon at the airport. Can you imagine? Hehe.. But not all is working thou.

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