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Wednesday, January 31

Again, Kelvin aeroplane me yesterday! Haha.. I should said he is rather busy with the meeting and not able to meet up with me and my girl. So, in the end we shop around Raffles City and Peninsula since it had been donkey years we shopped! Haha.

Ok, finally saw the long Q from the dougnuts stall which claimed to be.. woah.. I will try... perhaps next time.. haha. Kelvin felt terribly sorry not able to meet up due to client meeting and demand to give apology by treating us a lunch! Haha.. How about Equinox? haha.. Too bad the timing for lunch is too short so I didn't really want to meet up and the the final meeting will be tomorrow night. I can also meet my girl after the meeting with him. I did bluffed him by saying he can give me his R1 if he want to feel any better. Hahaha...

Yesterday, I also met up with Jason to buy the SA shares from CPF. A little investment will be good for now and future, that goes for real money and OA account. Better to invest to earn then parking there to earn nothing. You must know how to invest to make your life easier in future, make money grows if you can. Still thinking for my Canon 5D! Where the money thou? Anyway, in life, there are things we want to have and need to have, which you belong to. Now, I want to have due to because I might need it. Not because of change just for a change. I hate AA batteries though it can be bought anywhere but Lithium is always the best for the camera. I rather have 4 of them in my bag for shoot then having numerous of AA batt. Sickening.

So, I shall wait for the luck to come and work harder to get a 5D. 1 month 1 wedding assignment will let me have the camera within a year plus. All inclusive of maintenance and prints so the assignment money cannot be calculate as whole. Haha. Unless I promoted to a good photographer to 1.2K per assignment and get more commercial.. *finger cross*

Kelvin gave me one of the good link for video mix, this is a wonderful online program! Hehe Take a look at it. Make me wanted to film things too. Saturday, collecting my syth from Swee Lee and go for some shoot. This time, sharp +1 and contrast +1 for my camera. Hehe.. Where... hmm...

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