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Sunday, December 17

Too fast to be true! Im going to work after today! Oh my god... I really felt that I do not have enough rest over these few weeks. Anyway, I ought to thanks the X'mas committee members who organise the dinner so well last friday after our work. And this year, the dinner is at Shangri-La Hotel, The Line.

Oh dear... I just realised that I didnt ate so much that day... It aint worth the $60 that coy had paid for me... This is so god damn sad! Argh...

To think I didnt had my fill over lunch time. Keith, Mariam, Teresa, Magdalene, Wanting, Sandy and me were together and cracking non stop of jokes. Wanting announce on her MSN saying that her sis got 5.5mth bonus! Ok, lets be fair, she workin in Law firm, so thats the beautiful answer of all.

And Mag been weirdo enough to think of us having 5mth too. Yah right... If coy gave us 2 mth, we ought to be happy thou. So, while we were anxious for the news, Mag kept showing her palm to us and psycho us saying lets pray for 5mth! Haha.. Ok... well... let it be.

While everyone in office heading to the seats, we saw our Director emailed to all of us. We clicked and got a shock of our life! Mag wasn't aware of anything as she went to the loo first. While some of us wave to Mag as an indication to look at the email, she wave with her palm and showing 5 non stop. Haha.. When the emailed was read, ALL OF US login to MASS MSN chat! Everyone was curious of the word: additional. What could it be and what might it have. All of us cracking jokes over MSN by saying lets email back and ask whats additional and how much! haha..

Eventually, Keith and me were going to have meeting with Shee Mun and Ricky. So, at the meantime I told them, I think I shall asked them while having meeting together. haha... We got our 2 mths in fact but our Team Effort Bonus were 50% discounted. So, while Mag predict 5mths, we thought we got at least 2.5mth. However, when the Team Effort Bonus were cut into half, we got another shock by another 1/2! That seem like almost of 1/4 quarter right! So, we laughed at each other by pointing the last finger as 1/4! Heh!

Anyway, better then dun have. At least Im able to pay for my PSP and table. Love my PSP which I got it yesterday at Queensway. Free casing for me. Thanks to the dudes. Now I have alot of unfinished games to play. Woot!

Ok, back to topic. I had an mind set of wanted to snap everyone in IFP, so I brought my cam along and lil did I know of, my cam is in Low batt situation! While taking the Video girls with my cam, it doesnt seem to write to my CF CARD!!! Damn!!! Luckily I realise its my batt! So, I quickly bought the new one after work. So, for the girls, Im sorry. The photos will be from Madeline camera. This Madeline is from the Admin side, NOT the Magdalene of Audio Dept. Haha.

I was figuring why my camera was in the weird mode that whenever I wanna capture the photos, it kinda focus the one nearer to me. I checked the CSM mode and nothing that I can do at all! Suddenly, I realise that one of the button was switch to C! I tried the S mode and haha! Phew! I saved my camera! And of course, I will not SHOW the ENTIRE photos that I took over at the dinner. So, I merely select a few of it on my blog.

Not to forget something, I shall ask Mag to give me part of her photos to be place in here! I felt so embrassed by the girls shouting non stop! Oh dear!!! Anyway, there's Ice Cream Teppanyaki! Just like Yuki Yaki! Fry ur OWN ICE CREAM!


Kinda sad that I didnt shoot so much due to slow reaction. Haha But, Im contented. I make full use of my cam and practise my skill. Important!

Below is what I wanna to say for the PHOTOs. LOL

The IFP X'mas committee members! Shalenee, Keith, Stella and Madeline! Jeffrey is one of the members too but due to recording, he wasn't in the photo.

Girl power from our Audio Dept! Teresa, Mag, Shee Mun, Mariam and Wan Ting. Woot!

Special gifts bought by the committee members. And of course, I got the second one. MIDDLE FINGER!

I hate to say this. But I really LOVE the damn food!!! So, I busying eating rather then shooting at my food. Sorry! haha... But weird that I only eat a bit... So sad that part of the ice cream session wasn't capture too!

So, is this suppose to be DRINK BEER Ad?!!! Hahaha

I felt been disturbed!! hahaha

Fondue! Mag favorite! That's why her expression was like that! Hahaha I don't care! I gonna BLOG THIS!

I think I found 2 evil guys! Terrorist and Psycho!

Ok, we were just been so.... COLD! haha

This can't be taken by me! Haha I would have took the straws away.. But I think Wan Ting wanna disturb the photo! Haha

I think that's the reason why she sob! hahaha

Our beautiful hand PEN and oh yah Wan Ting fingers! argh.. lol

You sure you got 5 months bonus? Its great!!!!

Ok... its great, don't ya know abt it???

After reading it, die man.... its less then what I expected!!

Eventually it is 1/4 of what I predicted!!!

1 quarter man!!! And I shall NAH you!!!!! (middle finger)

Joanne, Stella, Huiwen, Sandy, Michelle and Iva

Best Smiling for them : Mag, Shentil and Shaleene

Best Scare of Camera : Alyna

Best Sweet Pose : Wan Ting & Alyna

Best Look Nice In Black : Shentil & Mariam

Best Ugliest Look : Lim Peh (me)

Best Outfit: Ricky & Mabel

Best Joker : Shentil

Best Look 'Guai' : Teresa & Soh Buay

Best Anticipating Look : Huiwen

Best Peeping Posture : Jeffrey

Best Hugging In A Weird Way : Alyna

Best Doubtful Look : Iva

Best Capture Shot : Keith & Alex

Best Vulgar Pose : Alex

Best Funny Look : Jeffrey & May

Best Funniest Photo

Best Crazy Group : Video Dept

Best '5' Signal : Audio Dept

Best Team Effort : Inflight Productions (Singapore)

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