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Thursday, December 14

Today is Thursday and I have things yet to be done but its not any sooner it will be finish. Sigh. Tomorrow is the great day of IFP, our Xmas party. I would like to volunteer as a photographer and capture everything what I saw tmr. I had to make full use of my camera and as well as practise. Right? Haha.

Anyway, this morning while check my Hotmail, there's an message from Friendster which I do not know who is it till I open it. OH GOD! Fadly Hamzah! One of my pal during my Sec Sch time! Funny, joker, etc.. whatever you name abt this guy!

We were once NCC mania who out to disturb the juniors and tekan them big time. Who cares in the past just like in Army. Now, everything that you do, you are been watched, so careful is the main word. I had not seen this dude for a freaking long time and I guessed around 10 years! What a sudden that he found me via friendster. Truthfully touched! Now, I gonna have great talk session with him on MSN!

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