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Saturday, December 2

Today is Saturday and yet Im alone in office! Well... this is deal to unfinish work and due to client last min decision and some of the programmes need to send them for approval, hence the sending of the entire listing had to be much early then before. What a waste of time for them to check.

Eventually, its really still them to say yes or no to the music. Sometime I felt that why not they just do all by themselve thou. If it is so simple, tell ur subordinate to change. Just one mouth from the top, thats all.

Beside, I made me optimistic upon coming to work this morning. I head up to HMV and grab lots of Chill Out cds and then back to office. Fret not about the cost as all these will be claim anyway, so.. what for am I worry about? Right? Plus, I got free point thou. LOL.

I on extreme loud music in office currently and this is one situation that can never happen in the office before as there are so many ppl ard and blasting the speaker out might make others not uncomfortable as they need to work too. Its not just me thou. Hahaha... Now in my bag, I had Today paper, Newpaper, Strait Times of today and yesterday. Im wondering when can I ever finish it thou.

If you look at The New Paper today, there's stuff talking about Britney Spears of not wearing any UNDIES!!!! Is she just too poor or what? This is kinda gross. I bet some of the ppl were wondering whats with the TITLE covered up? Indeed that I got a reliable source of link given by someone else ytd and I got a shock! Britney Spears Got Caught By The Cam!

Erm.. I shall not comment any further and leave it to u guys after seeing it. Haha.

Now, gonna get back to finish my Western Pop and part of the ChillOut music if there's any possibilities. Too many things to do... Check lyrics, translation... tmd... and yet, I got to find the photos of the artists... damn it. Now, the aircon is off as this belong to Central Building so I had to on the fan... :(

Ok... shan't say any further.. BACK TO WORK...

Feel like going to SITEX later on... or maybe... tmr... wanna see Acer Handheld device thou. Haha..

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