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Monday, December 11


Went to do haircut at Jean Yip and sat there for 3 hrs coloring my hair, bleached and highlight. Im quite happy with the result this time round. Thanks to my stylist, Shiina. She is great. Not to forget the helpful Serene who did help also. Think the outcome must be damn good koz, they kept looking at me. Haha..

This time round, I had my hair trimmed rather the cut short. More of Jappy style, I reckon. But all these waiting are worth it. Imagine I had my head been covered with Condom Cap, then they cut tiny hole and pull out strands of hair to get it bleach. This is to let it have the best result of all. So that, other hair wont be affected. I bleached it 3 time in total before she had it dye. She even put me at the another counter which have the heater for faster result. Ka!

With all these stuff going on for 3hrs, I cant even meet my gf. Its already 6pm by then. So, I just stayed at home and ride out to Queensway Shopping Centre to get my PSP. The person almost forgotten me abt mine PSP. Now, Im wondering shall I get the version 1.5 set but in black color. And yet, I had paid for $540 with a 2gb card. If, I get the white color of v2.81, I can get everything that is worth it. I wanna tell him to minus off $60 if I get the version 1.5 (black) but he said no because I added for 2gb card. Im like. HUH! I asked for $60 upgrade to white for v2.81, so if I were to get black, isnt he suppose to deduct $60 from that? Darns.. well.. I be back tmr to get the PSP no matter what. Just wondering, Black 1.5 or White 2.81.


Got ready to attend Norimah wedding at Woodlands Drive. I reached ard 1pm plus and in fact Im the last! Lol.. I rode there thou and everyone was wondering is that me or not. Then, suddenly I appeared! haha... At the same time, I kept calling Keith to ask where they were. But they were already on the stage taking photos with Norimah! Haha... So, I just joined in the fun of taking photos.

The food is extremely GOOD! No doubt about it tho! Haha... I had 3 rounds of food. This is marvellous tho! Yummy! Haha...

Anyway, Norimah and her brother held at the same day for their wedding. So, this is what I call double bliss! keke... congrat to both. Many said that Norimah and her brother look alike thou.

After that, when Norimah made their way off to Pasir Ris, most of the guest almost move off too. So, the entire coll of mine parted away. I just headed up to Marine Parade to meet Veron. Its raining by then and I just had my air coat on without the trouser. While Im there, I just played ard with the piano, guitar and violin. How fun can that be. Lol. When all of them had knocked off, Veron and me headed to Bras Basah to see guitar and told me that she wanted to buy for me. By then, I realised that she tried to tell me that her boss wanna open a electric guitar course is fake. She just wanna know what is good for me so that she can meet up with her coll to buy for me.

Well, I didnt get it thou. Because Im not ready and don't know what to choose. I wanna buy a PDA for her too. hehe.. So, end up we head home first because of Stars Award. Before getting home, I had pumped the petrol and found out that the sky is getting dark and rain is coming. I sped off fast to reach home but end up, both of us were totally drenched! ha...

Next come the best part. While I rode up to Deck 1B of the MSCP, I saw the lot infront and I gradually mantain my speed as the floor is damn slippery. Just when Im abt to reach the lot, suddenly, I felt my tyre started to lose control and next, both of us fallen down! I do not know what happen but felt that it just like someone is pushing my back of the bike!

Anyway, while Im at the floor, my right thigh was holding on to the oil tank and the throttle was been ram damn loud and I am unable to stop it due to the space contrain. I was clever enough to off the engine but switching off using the key. Funny me kept asking Veron to stand up, faster.... IF SHE COULD. But suddenly felt that my girl is playing with me sitting on the bike! haha..

I got such feeling because, I felt that my dear was able to freed herself off from the bike. While my right thigh were stuck in between with the floor and oil tank, my left leg was over the speedometer like Im in a fucking position. I tried to free myself by pulling myself out using right elbow but I can't. Luckily a guy was washing his car at the same time and quickly ran forward to help me by pulling the bike up. I kept saying thanks non stop. He was a biker too and shown us his scar on his thigh.

And he also said that this road is damn slippery because there's no fucking fiction at all! I think I think to lodge some complaint of the multi storey carpark. This is far too dangerous. If I think brake, the most likely cause will be, there's oil on floor.

Luckily the entire bike was unharm with just minor scratch on throttle and mirror. I felt guilty for the fall that hurt my dearie. She had a bump on her right thign which I also had and she had pain at her back as if the vein was been pulled. Both of us had bump on elbow and I got a vey serious one. With such a great impact, my entire back was affected as well. Shoulder to elbow to my arm and fingers. One of the injury vein was the cause of everything. I better see a doc tmr for some massage.

My dearie was able to sleep but not too well due to the pain and me, can't really have a wink of my sleep. Every few hours, I kept waking up. Damn it.... till now, the pain is still there. Damn. Im gonna be on leave tmr for my medical checkup and at the same time, consultation for my injury. Hoping to gain an MC.

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