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Friday, December 22

Lets start counting down for the brand new year of 2007!

This mth doesn't seem smooth at all. Not only my money kept rolling out, the workload is heavier by sudden surprises with lots of ridiculous requirement from client, we also got 50% discount on bonus. Its rather sad to hear that thou. Not to forget that my PSP which I got is actually IC3001, which mean the motherboard that is TA-082 and its impossible for a downgrade of v1.5 for playing various 'games' and inclusive of homebrew games.

Mine is actually v2.71 and wanted to move on to v2.71SE C and devhook 0.51. The reason is because the new E Loader is able to load in latest games and therefore, having a old E Loader will not be able to play latest game. I am rather safe having v2.71 and yet I am able to play .iso games. But the only thing Im sad of, is homebrew, which is old games like from Nintendo 64, Sega, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, NES.. etc. This is because v2.71 emulator for these homebrew isn't out yet. So, wait is the best answer. Moreover, I am contented to have this despite having problem since yesterday as I thought my PSP is bricked, the guy managed to solve it for me by just formatting my Mem Stick and copy the E Loader. Of course, back up is a must. Now, Im a happy man using my PSP. The surfing is great too.

Eventually, if you want to load in movies to your PSP and knowing PSP Video convertor needed to register, you may get your video convertor here. have fun.

The best forum I found about PSP will be Maxconsole and Quick Jump. You get all of your answer from there.

There are many things which I wanted to put in but I forgotten.

Let me summarise of things like my ridiculous client who requested for photos that is not black and white. I may understand for the output on magazine, it seem like obituary. Another will be like Band standing in pose! I mean, what the stupid reason is that? Band members had their way of standing and its none of us, the producer, fault! Its the photographer tho... Why request something that as if we take the photo? We got no control of it at all. Another is, having the head been cropped! What the hell they are kidding on me! Again, this is photographer work and they want it that way of cropping part of the head. Its never our position to pin point. To be frank, the trend is there and it had been followed for years... Im wondering does my client understand fashion? Nowsday, ppl like B&W and the quality is different from the past. I think my client like to joke. Dans.

And next... forgotten to pay one of my card bills for mths.. damn.. luckily the snowball isn't that much and its hard to follow up with electronic statement. I think billing to house is still appropriate.

While typing, I simply love the wind blew on my face. Incredible feeling as hardly such weather falls. But it isn't as happy because of recently flood in SG. The flood can even cover the taxi up to its bonnet. Just imagine, waist level! Haa. It was mentioned before this is one of the serious flood as like 75years ago. Wow.. this monsoon period is incredible! haha..

Anyway, sleeping time.. my mind is in blank now. I only want to tuck myself to bed and thats all. Heh!

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