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Sunday, December 3

Kinda finished most of the stuff I did in office earlier on except for translation. And the rest of the program will be carry on next week and I forsee late home. What to do.

May and Michelle suddenly came in the office to work while I was there. LOL. Eventually May looks good with her spag shirt and its not very often to see her wear it rather nice. I bet she got HOT DATE! haha... Soon after I cleared up my stuff and sent the listing back to myself so that I can work from home, I off all lights from my department and shut the pantry up. As I walked to the door, I saw Michelle working still! May had left before me thou and well, aint sure what time Michelle finished her work till.

After that, I met my girl at Bedok for dinner before heading up to Expo for Sitex. From Bedok to Tanah Merah interchange, switch to another train up to Expo take up about 12min or so and yet, I do not understand why my girl wanna take a 20-30min journey on bus no.38 to Expo. She thought from Mrt station to Expo is quite far like IMM from Jurong East! Somehow, I think she always had it in her mind but it can be totally wrong.. haa

I met Daniel and Lionel outside when Im about to go off! haha.. My girl and me were discussing about Acer N311 PPC which worth $499. Still considering that thou. My girl before that had Q up at Starhub area for renew contract and thinking of Hp6828 but, in the end move off to consider that properly and see if theres aneed to. Eventually, combine device is the best because you save the hassle of bringing 2 device out. But, when ur PDA had to send for servicin, you left with no phone! Thats the cons afterall. So, we still stick to PPC idea.


As we wanted to head up to Starhub earlier on, we were stucked at QMax(I think) because of there were long Q of ppl wanted to register themselve. Infront of us, my girlfriend is infront of me, there's a guy in yellow shirt with the cap stopped there with his friend. Im kinda pissed of ppl suddenly stop in the middle of the way and block the traffic flow as if they own the dan place. I said in loud tone but giving a displease mood of:"Excuse me!" I couldnt see their face as the guy infront of us blocked his friend. Suddenly, when they shifted one side, I saw the face of the guy facing me. It was Andrew tho. I do not even bother to say hello as Im walking ahead with my gf when they gave way.

I admit that we are in bad terms so I do not see a reason why I must act as a clown or so to say:"HEY HI!" Crap, dun give a shit out of that. And I got the feeling the person in yellow is my ex coll. My gf told me she saw the moustache and confirm its my ex coll. What a day to be of seeing them. Im not trying to say anything abt them, but as you know, having seein your 'enemy' in front of you, what more can you react? WALK AWAY LOR!

Anyway, Andrew did saw me at that time but he also never say hi to me. Haha

I poured that scenario aside and continue blogging now.

I went to see Dell LCD of 20" /24"! hilarious! 24" is too big and I think 1 is enough and there's no need for 2. 20" is already just nice and adding one more LCD works fine too. Im thinking of getting that by using instalment plan, but Im not sure is it allow. Im gonna have a hell lots of headache.

Dell LCD, 24"

Things I need to buy.
Computer Table ($180)
Chair ($100)
500gb Sata hdd ($399)
4gb of Mem Stick ($200)
PSP Casing ($40)
Acer PPC ($499)

woot! Thats alot huh! I saw the nice dopod as well!That's D810 Wondering.... that PDA or Smart phone.. SE990i look good. If not, W850i!

Dopod D810

Sony Ericsson W850i

Sony Ericsson Smart Phone, P990i

Im having contact for both Net and Hp so I cant renew or upgrade. Too bad. But the 32" Sony Bravia is worth of that! But, Im thinking of changing my service provider to Starhub once my contract end. More promo and good freebies. All the more, their speed is faster as its running from Cable and not phone line. Singnet serve me well for long but its time to change a new service provider to check it out. If not for my contact, I will go for SH 1600maxonline and get my Xbox360! Haha

By the way, there's one time adjustment bill from Singnet. But, due to this situation, Im gonna write to Strait Times and let them post under forum section.

This is because of Singnet had adjustment of their billing system, hence consumer are not aware with it and got a tremenously billing! The net bill in the past is you pay after you USED the service. Now, they wanted to make it as like Singtel billing, you PAY FIRST then you use the service. That is fine. But they should have had told us earlier on then this sudden attack.

My ST UOB charged me every mth and I even called to complain what the hell happened! I got the answer saying what my CC bill stated was Sept billing so this is the reason.

Now, all billing are starting at the date of 24th of the month till 23rd. Because of this, my Oct bill was been calculated from 3rd Oct - 23rd Oct ( I forgotten how the previous timeline go). This is pro rated which have not reflect on my bill yet. After that, 24Oct- 23 Nov is another charge which had not been cleared yet and I have to clear that first.

Meaning to say, from 3rd Oct- 23rd Oct, there's no charge previously until now. And 24th Oct- 23rd Nov is the billing I have to pay off like in the past. This is fine. Because they wanted us to pre pay the bill, there's charging from 24rd Nov - 23rd Dec! Previous last mth, last mth and next mth billing total up to $144! ARGH!!!! Stupid them, why can't they all just send information to us then surprise!! Cockster.

Basket. Dulan.

Anyway, Im going to Sitex tmr again and check it out after I finish my office work at home. Walk more, see more and maybe buy e memory stick from there and perhaps the PPC. LCD.. temptation thou.. maybe instalment. LOL. This mth.. bleeding...

Hope more job come in.. I haben calculate the amt of money for website designing. Must psycho ppl to change their web tune. hehe

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