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Wednesday, December 13

I almost wanted to get myself to A&E on Monday night because of the damn pain I had on my arm. The vein is literally attacking me non stop even though I had applied the counter pain for muscle relaxation. But it does help abit by reducing the aching part.

The next morning when I woke up, which I do not know what time did I fall asleep despite of the damn pain, I head out to see doc for my arm and for my medical check up as well. I didn't applied anything while at work on Monday. Was told my Sandy that I might as well go to see doc and see what I will get first.

So, I went to see the doc for my arm which is charged under GP and medical checkup from own pocket money which I will get reimburse for it. Fearing that I do not have much cash on hand, I went to withdraw $250 for my Medical Checkup lest I do not have enough cash as I rem I paid ard $200+ last year.

Anyway, I waited for an hour until my turn and I didnt had my meal at all! Hungry is the best word. When I went in, I explained to doc of my injury and told him that for medical checkup is not charge under GP. While I explained how I fall down, the doc did some examination of my arm and certify there's no fracture. Even though there's nothing wrong with it, I still got to monitor of my own arm as there's still pain in my arm. Even there's hair line crack, I wouldn't know it at all as no X ray was scanned.

After the examination, the doctor flipped through my previous medical check up and said that this time will be very easy unlike last year complicated stuff like ECG and HIV etc... So, all he want me to do is to take my blood and urine for test. Simple checking is always good. He is quite worried of my Uric acid and one of the sample as its quite low and I might need to take medicine to sustain it. So, I shall wait for my result then. Having check my weight, I was damn shocked as I thought I might be heavier by now! End up, its even lighter! 91kg compared to few mths ago of 96kg! Well, I guessed I shouldn't be too cheeky as the doc said I put on 3kg of weight! haha..

He suggested me to go swimming and cycling then running due to my heavy weight suppress on my knee. I heed the advice and shall go swimming this SATURDAY! WOOT! The total medical checkup will be $110 which is what I never expect of! Koolios. And also 1 day MC!

I headed home and of course with my food as my tummy is growling with protest. Haha... I did nothing at home except tv and msning. Even with my clothes on, I still feel so reluctant to go out and meet my gf and her frenz for lunch at MS. Reason is simple, lazy and also near my workplace. Haha..

I kinda forgotten whom I chatted with until the person said I waste time at home. So eventually, I stood up and get my hair style and head out to MS to find my gf. I can't understand why is it that the TIBS bus is always cold infront and hot at the back. Didn't the bus driver ever check the temperature for the back just because they sense the coldness in front? Its so damn hot out there with stuffy air con in it. I bet the hot air outside can even beat the stuffy air con! Argh... Well, I endure all the way from my house to MS which is the end point.

My dearie told me they heading for Ministry of Food for lunch so I start finding the place. At first, I thought my gf told me that its FOOD SESSION DAY! haha.. I never knew it's a restaurant name when I read the SMS again. Upon reaching MS, I searched for the MOF and thought its a bluff and almost called her to ask. But in my mind, I wanted to surprise her as I told her I'm too lazy to meet them for lunch and I do not like to spend such money on food especially jap food which I'm least interested of.

Within 10min of search at MS, I found the location of MOF and head inside the food arena. Been mystery of me, I went near there and took the escalator down to view inside of the restaurant! Haha They were almost right in front but on the side view towards me. I bet that they didn't noticed me as they were busying eating non stop. Haha.. Of course, I wouldn't go back the same place again to go up lest been found out. So, I made a detour instead! Out of MS and go back in again! haha...

While waiting for them to finish, I bought Ice Cream cone from Mac to substain my thirst and of course, the damn weather. After finished the ice cream, Im still waiting at the entrance of the food arena. Fearing they moved off, I went to the 2nd floor and take a peep from top. Haha.. Im able to see Avy only and not Junhui and dearie. I waited for 20min at least and that inclusive of walking in Royal Sporting House to kill the time. When Im out, I saw them preparing to bill so, I head down to surprise her from the back. 10min later when they walked out, I followed them from the back which we were parted for 10m. Making corner to surprise them is the most obvious action that I will be noticed so I waited the opportunity when they walked on the straight road. I ran creepily towards my dearie back and BLOW at her ear! HAHAHA

Damn she never scream! haha.. :p Fun man! Haha..

Anyway, after the meet up, Avy got to make a move for her driving lesson and we follow Veron coll, Junhui, to collect his Japan trip and bought some accessories from Watson which he need to use for his 12 days Japan tour. After which, we head to Swee Lee Music Company at Sims Drive which Jun hui do not mind at all because he love the area alot! haha.. For those music lovers, definetly love there. In order to save more time, we took cab there instead. kaka

First I went to find out my Syth at the workshop and was told that it had major problem and needed more time to repair it. I do not mind at all as Im not in urgent need. They are still waiting for the quotation for the board from the company of Roland, and it will be costly as I reckon of. If the guy is able to fix it, it will save more cost then getting the new board but he needed more time. Thats the compromise. So, its fine for me thou.

Thanks for the guy who is fixing for me. :)

Next, up to guitar shop and view electric/ acoustic guitars. Xmas pressie! haha.. After a long choose of guitars, finally all of us think semi acoustic is the best choice.

The guy wanted to rec me this guitar:

But due to the look of that, all of us do not feel that its a right choice. Funniest were my dearie chose this guitar to me.

She said that she like the look of it when she was looking ard, and I told her that this is the guitar that I like too when I was there previously. Haha

So, eventually Junhui tried the guitar for me and he too said that this guitar is damn good and it worth of all the price. Of course, with the Acoustic Amp, the sound of the guitar rock! Ok. Fender Amp, what do you think? 1K+ thou.

So, my dearie said why not get the guitar and amp together as it might be cheaper too. So, we requested for a small amp and the guy, Firduas, rec Epiphone Acoustic Amp for me. It is sealed and we were unable to test it so he chose almost the same sound of it, Laney. Sound good and almost bought it haha.. We even joke that why not Junhui give his mine to me and he buy the new one. Haha.. But the Jap trip already cost him a bomb so, he wouldn't think of it. Haha.. The funniest were, he kept telling me to choose slowly as he wanted to play the guitar and he is indeed in love with Ibanez Semi Acoustic guitar. WOOT! There's Eq and tuning too. Cool huh!

Eventually I got the guitar for $614 with the Amp. Love it and thanks to dearie and Junhui. Both of them were great at cutting the price. Haha... Both the indian guy and Firduas rock man... Funny guys... haha... They kept attacking by cutting the price of buying guitar and amp together. Give one free bag. Give one free cable. hahaha... But as the bag is counted stock, he is unable to give us so, my dear told him that ok, we take the bag but cut more. hahaha.. But, their selection for acoustic guitar bad is quite less, so we didn't get it as we wanted more padding and it will protect the guitar. Advises from Junhui, so I must oblige. This is not the $50 guitar I got previously, so I better learn how to take care of it.

As there's box coming along, I need not to worry much abt the guitar been scratched. While paying using the card, the guys envy that my dearie bought for me. Haha... All complaining abt their own gf. I better know HOW to treasure this sweetie pie of mine. hehe.. Of course, I bought a set of string too which is carefully selected by Junhui. Thanks man. Of course, pick is free from them so Junhui chose alot of it and passed it to them. The 2 guys were so surprised that they said:"Serious ah! Wah.. you good man.." Then slowly they put in the packet of string. haha.. Well, they said:"Take them, just not the whole box!" Hahaha

Next, my gf lookin for rectangle violin case and the guys were damn impressed by us. Piano, Guitar and Violin. Next, I wanna learn Cello. haha.. :p

Wondering is it so lucky, while heading out to take cab, we got a Mercs cab and without any hesitation, we hailed the cab and offered to give Junhui a ride to his house before I head home with my dear. Hehe..

Indeed I am very happy with the present. Due to my dear is good at tuning, she eventually tune everything string for me. I'm not been lousy but felt that she did a better job as she got good ear. I tried it and rock! WOOT! Now, I'm left with bag to buy. The amp is good too! I thought it will be quite below standard but to my surprise, it... ROCK! haha.. My guitar love the sound of the guitar and the amp and said this is worth spending on. I felt so happy and heartache for my dearie. Hehe.

Thanks, my baby dearie Veron. Haha..

Oh, due to the new amp is not key into the system, they are unable to print the receipt for us lest we need to produce the invoice when we send for service. So, they will either send us the receipt or tell us over the phone. But I will get the invoice number from them and get them to mail it to me with the invoice for safety purposes. :)

Next, practice it! Need to take lesson for it. HEH! Now, I'm left with my PSP too, wondering does the guys thought I paid in full already? If not, I will get the set asap. Saturday will be the day!

Before I end my stuff, I wanna show some fotos I took recently and my cock look at salon. Haha.. Soon!

And also, Rest In Peace to my presenter, Maniam's Dad who passed away yesterday due to leukemia. Life is unexpected so better make full use of your wonderful life now.

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