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Thursday, December 28

For the accident my mom met during the christmas eve season, it seem that she is able to claim anywhere. First, though the Medisave had been deducted from hospital, she is able to claim from Income Shield to recoup back the money which had been deducted. Not only that, as she bought the insurance from OUB which had been linked with UOB already, she can claim the money for how many days she had been hospitalise. According to my girl, it is like a bonus for her as she had been admitted to the hospital and stayed for 2 days. Furthermore, she can claim medical charge from my aunt's condo as the incident was occured from there due to their poor road design.

Hopefully everything can be claim fast. Fingercross for that.

I went to look out for writing table at Wilsin during this week and I will be ordering the table tmr after I knock off from work. I love the design which it had cable management that you can hide it. And also, you are able to add on stuff like keyboard, cabinet, lengthen the table as well, not to forget adding round corners or sharp corners. This is one of the best design I seen and I am totally impressed with it. Cost will high but yet, it does worth everything. All I got to do is to get the measurement, design and show the manager and from there, she will work for me.

I got an idea of what I want so, thing will be pretty simple. Just that the cost... and I gotta buy chair too. Oh, talking about the tables, you can dismantle everything out like taking the table top off. You can screw it in later but often, the holes that you drill in might harm the table. Eventually, the design is pretty neat as they had standard places which had been screwed in so you can screw the nut in it. All tables had been measured properly so, when you lay the top to the standing, it will sure fix nicely. And also, if you want to buy a new table top as to lengthen from 1.2m to 1.8, all you need is to purchase the top only! Because the bottom can be extend! Incredible!

After that, I will aim my 500gb hdd and I predict a huge low price for this! Praying hard. The Bonus came in at the right time to pay these which I needed most. Also, I just paid $1500 for the entire bills which were charged to my Credit Card. Tough.

The net seem ok to me now as there's huge disruption caused by the earthquake at Taiwan with the rate of 7.1! It is about 6 atmoic bomb pressure! Just imagine. At first, everyone thought its an excuses given by the IT guy for not fixing well for our net until we realise the quake cause the submarine cable to damage. Singtel who co own 3 line were affected as well. Most of the international site like US, Japan etc were greatly affected. Seeing the net resume back now, Im wondering is the cable alright or not. I was told that Discovery ever broadcast the show of the making of the internet which they need to lay cables to the seabed. From the Strait Times I read, 1 km cost around US 500,000. Imagine the journey from SG to Taiwan.... this is sure a Billion Dollar project. The technician/diver do pay well due to such a dangerous job.

One of my friend is currently gathering producers and musician to showcase their music. And everything will be on sale by selling music online legally. Huge point that he had to take note to make this right. I will be the first to join and of course, more music which I have to make. I will contribute whatever I can real soon.

For 2007 Resolution, I going to be HAPPY always! Earn more MONEY from either Photographing or Music which Im finger cross at. And, MARRY!!! Hehe... Its a must to earn more... and be happy. ;)

Going to Thailand real soon... and I be mounting my S3Pro with 17mm only. Memorable day shouldnt be forgotten. Shoot more... and maybe I can send to Thailand Tourism Board. LOL.

Peace out. Sleep time!

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