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Monday, December 4

By now, I should be sitting infront of my computer playing my games or whatever stuff I wanted to do at home and not in office. Yes, currently, Im still in office trying to finish up whatever I could.

2 Airlines deadline for submitting the song lists end this week. Eventually, we can send it early next week. But, why not just settle it once and for all then delay again and again? Furthermore, there are more stuff coming in. I still gotta do stuff like Thailand romanising, so that it will benefit to the rest of the producer in my company.

Currently, Wanting and me are the only one left in the Audio dept, not knowing is there any more of the ppl over at Video dept. By the time we leave here, we can check out if there's anyone still left behind since we got to past by there.

Monday is indeed not a blue day for me tho. The reason is because, I stay positive and wanted things to finish it ASAP.

This morning there's urgent meeting by our Director, Ricky. Everyone of us had numerous of funny ideas what could the meeting be? No contract with airline? No bonus? Pay increment? All sort of reason you can actually find.

When Ricky came in to the board room, he was in tee with bermuda and sandal. This show quite a serious matter that he wanted to announce. Anticipation of us were still wondering what could be the real reason till he said one of our coll over at UK, London had been murdered at home. Investigation shown that she might be stalked when she board the bus while on her way home. Her children, in their early 20s found their mom after 2 hrs later when they reached home. She was dead the next day due to severe head injuries. This is the BBC news on our coll, Leila's news.

Knowing that Ricky and her were quite close, he almost burst into tears while announcing the broken news to us. I hereby, send my condolence to Leila family. May you Rest In Peace and hope the justice will get the person who had murdered you.


It was a hard day for yesterday since I am still working at home. I met Jackson out to Bukit Timah for Chicken Rice. He love drum stick alot and ordered half chicken of roasted and bland. When the dish came, Jackson kept asking me whether I can see drum stick on the plate. We even called the helper to come here and see where is the drum stick. Even with the explanation from the helper, it was no use. Because I can't really see a proper chicken drumstick on the plate. Despite they had chopped it, there should be an image of the full drum stick.

Jackson told the person that had he known this is such a outcome, he wouldnt have tot of getting mixed chicken. So, in the end, the helper compensate a drumstick for us! haha.. When the new plate arrive with the drum stick only, Jackson told the person that THIS should be the way of seeing the drumstick then like that! Haha.. Explanation given: this is chopped by the experience person. Hmm...

After we ate everything without the extra charge of the chicken drumstick, we head up to Courts to see stuff. Jack wanted to get a fax machine and I rec him a Printer/Fax/Copy multi functional system, BROTHER. I even told him, Sitex had alot of stuff! Even when you cannot get a cheaper deal, there might be enough freebies too!

He passed me his van key and I drove all the way to Expo! Damn that I am nervous as its been a long time since I drove a manual car and all the more, VAN! Travelling is smooth but there's huge JAM at EXPO.

One of the reason of the Jam were, from HALL 1 and 2 which is not linked up with the rest of the hall, there's a road in between. And hell that I know of, where does SO MANY ppl coming along from that side to cross over the road, either to Sitex or MRT station. Its non stop and even Cisco police still got to marshal the ppl. Thats the huge jam. Imagine a total of 6 Battalion soldiers walking... That's it.

After parking the Van, we head up to Expo and find the things he want. End upm he chose a Lexmark then a Brother. Reason: only want fax as he got printer already. Personally I think getting multi function will be better. Sell the old one away, at least there's a bit of money coming in.

I went to see the huge Dell LCD again and end up, give up and not buying it. With the Lexmark fax machine, I push the trolley all the way to the back wanted to buy 4gb Sony Mem Stick. After I collect the coupon to pay up, I stopped myself and rtn to Jack side and said let's go. Im not buying since my PSP is not on my hand and the crack version for 2.81 is not out yet. What if by the time I got the PSP, the price of Mem Stick drop again? haha.

So, we moved off and squeeze all the way out. Sorry for those who had their toes been ROLLED over by the trolley.

We stopped by a Projector Screen and wanted to buy it. Anyway, Jackson wants it. Not me. 1K+ but 3K+ hour for the lifespan. Lets wait for Comex'07 next year. At least better deal at cheaper price.

We move off and head out to meet my gf at MP. I wanted to go back by 5pm and ride my dad's bike out to fetch my girl. Its already 3pm by the time we got in Sitex, so Jackson offer his service by sending me to MP and fetch my girl. Together all of us head back to Jln Teck Whye. Jack feared that his CashCard had not enough money as there's only $3.51 in it. Once we passed the teller, $2.60 were charged. Phew! This time round he drove, aint me.

He is one of the person who care alot of the image so, we cleared the back of his van for my gf to sit comfortably. Thanks dude! Hehe... At least it look much presentable and good! Haha.. Neat and tidy! haha.

By right, I wanted to go out again after the dinner to collect my PSP. Should have taken the PSP but, I had no games. Fearing that I might get the original to play. Damn it. But my hdd is full, thus I cant watch movie on it. Hmm.... Time to get a new hdd REAL soon! Yes, with my table. Tmr, I shall go view tables first. Wait a while, then HDD. I called up for the PSP but the answer given: Mid Mth perhaps. Lets hope Dark Alex got the code OUT! hehe

I finally read the entire Newspaper from Friday till Sunday. By the time, its 1.14am. Damn.. Im so so so tired....5hr of sleep and now.. in office Blogging for 30min! Time to clear up and GO HOME!. 2 more programs to do! Woot!

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