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Monday, December 25

Before I start my blogging, I would like to THANKS EVERYONE for letting my girlfriend and me taking the cab at Paragon yesterday around 5pm plus despite the long Q everyone was waiting still.

At 5pm, my sister called me up while my gf and me were heading to KFC at Takashimaya for our dinner. The little information that I got was parent were in hospital due to dad's bike skidded and mom were been sent to hospital. My mind went blank and skip the dinner and head for cab Q at TAKA. Seeing the long Q make me frustrated because it will take ages for me to get one and I am ultimately in rush. I called up Comfort for cab but engaged. My gf told me to head up to Paragon to hail for cab.

Without much of hesitation, we quicken our pace to Paragon under the slightly heavy rain. While crossing, I saw Premiere Cab which is empty and my gf told me dont go there as the driver might not even want.

After reaching Paragon, I saw the Q is shorter than Taka with only not more then 20 ppl waiting. The taxi stand is actually a standalone area which is in the middle of the road which is separated by a zebra crossing where as the rest of the ppl can Q up. The security guard will then guide the ppl to cross the zebra crossing to the 1st part of Taxi stand.

Seeing this scenario, I would not like to wait any longer and called up to Comfort to book a cab. 20 min of waiting, there's no cab able to take my order which I can understand this is the ultra peak period. Therefore, my gf is quick enough and try seeking help from security guard and the guard had not no problem for us to take the cab first provided the passengers do not mind at all. So, my gf asked one by one if they willing to let us take the cab and everyone kept saying no problem but ain't sure the back ppl feeling. Then my gf shouted to everyone to listen up and point out the reason why she need the cab urgently and really hope everyone is willingly to let us have it first. Of course everyone agree to it and I was given a wave from my gf as I am in the Q calling for cab, so I rush to the front and hop on the cab which is in front of us. As I do not know what happened earlier on, I just hopped in and of course my gf THANKED EVERYONE. The only scenario I saw was my gf talked to passengers after passengers till she had big movement and it was easily spotted. This sounded so drama but it is real! I need to say a big thanks to all of them at Paragon. All of you will be blessed!

After reaching the hospital, I met my sister, bro in law and my dad. I am surprised that my dad was ok and not a single of aching on him, but poor thing to my mom. She is now under observation in hospital for a day. Pray that she will be fine as she complaint pain on chest and giddy headache.

The incident happened at my Aunt's Condo which is beside Parkway Parade. As it is raining, there's no lot around at the top area, my dad decided to ride down to park his bike. Just then, he went down the slope, there's a gradual left turn which you need to brake and go through the hump. Before heading the hump, the bike suddenly became very light and gave way and skidded on the left. My parent flew out from bike and the bike just went down straight away. Luckily there's ppl ard to help them up. Initially, my mom do not need an ambulance at all till she sat up straight and began to feel giddiness on head and pain in chest. Hence, she is admitted in hospital.

Now, she is in stable condition and will be discharging at 3pm later today. Guess she had a big shock for such situation occurred. Soon after, my gf and me with my dad took cab back to my aunt's condo to retrieve his bike, in any case the bike failed to start, my gf and me were around and we can take cab home together. Alas the bike is able to start normally and so my dad rode off after I kept saying let me ride home better. Well, as we skipped our dinner, both of us went to Mac at Parkway to grab a bite. Its windy and feeling good too. But my gf told me that its holiday today and she is back near her workplace. I laughed of course. Soon after, we head back home by cab again and rest so later we be heading to hospital to see my mom.

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