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Friday, November 24

With the Wireless SG going to launch by gharment by end of this year, Singtel also got another offer. This

Wireless SG for outdoor and Singtel Wirelss are going at the different line, so it doesnt impact much. Moreover, you going to face heavy net traffic when gharment going to launch the free wireless net. This is for 2 years by told.

Singtel Wireless offer another solution by doing that so. They had won the bid for North Zone. And the free wireless service will be for 3 years. FYI, North Zone include Orchard Road.

Moreover, this Singtel Wireless is giving out for free. All you need is to sign up with Singtel. Sign up now!

Be it if there's any question, you can actually look at the FAQ for more information.

These are the partners participate for the Wireless too. The location are as stated. You take a look at area with wireless.

Cool! I had already signed up with Singtel for free service for 3 years. There will be more area with wireless in future. Terrific.

Beside sharing of these, I would want to share some Drifting too. After the Tokyo Drift from Fast and Furious, this sure drive ppl crazy abt drifting.

Like it?

Here's another for Pool Trick. Incredible.

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